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Antimicrobial Agriculture

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This presentation covers the importance of microbial communities to regenerative agriculture, and how to support those communities.

In this webinar, John discusses the topic of soil compaction, its causes and symptoms, and how it can be prevented. Watch to learn:
• The 3 rules John learned from Jerry Hatfield on no-till farming
• The steps to removing soil compaction
• The soil management practices that keep compaction from reoccurring

The full video recording of this presentation can be viewed here:

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Antimicrobial Agriculture

  1. 1. ANTIMICROBIAL AGRICULTURE A Webinar Hosted by AEA, Featuring John Kempf
  2. 2. Synthetic nitrogen. Gone.
  3. 3. Without synthetic nitrogen, plant nutrition must be biology centric.
  4. 4. Regenerative farmers must manage microbiology like a technician in a microbial lab.
  5. 5. Farmers must manage soil like a petri dish to create a perfect microbiological environment. 1. Temperature 2. Gas exchange 3. Water
  6. 6. Temperature Microbial enzymes are denatured at 105º F. Bare soil can reach 150º on the surface and 110º 3 inches deep.
  7. 7. Gas Exchange Biology must breathe, inhaling oxygen and nitrogen and exhaling carbon dioxide.
  8. 8. Water Soil microbiology, like a petri dish, needs a sub-aquatic environment and is completely dependent on adequate water held in soil aggregates.
  9. 9. The Evils of Antimicrobial Farming 1. Bare Soils 2. Compaction
  10. 10. When no-till agriculture was first introduced, these rules were considered critical: 1. Remove all compaction 2. Avoid recreating compaction 3. Keep soils covered at all times
  11. 11. Removing Soil Compaction 1. Use hard iron to remove compaction 2. Use plant roots and biologicals to keep it from reforming
  12. 12. Prevent Soil Compaction From Reoccurring 1. Manage/minimize wheel traffic using CTF 2. Include diverse cover crops to keep soil covered at all times 3. Use biologicals and support to increase soil aggregation
  13. 13. If you’re close to Kansas, register to attend the AEA Kansas field day on Wednesday, August 28. Call 800-495-6603
  14. 14. For a food and shelter package for your soil biology this winter, buy the AEA Regenerative Soil Health Package! This system feeds and supports healthy soil biology.