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AdvisorVault's Client View

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AdvisorVault integrates client communications into your workflow and engages clients.

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AdvisorVault's Client View

  1. 1. Why do 750 RIAs pay for AdvisorVaultwhen other file-sharing apps are free?
  2. 2. This 8-minute presentation is forinvestment advisors.
  3. 3. That’s Andy Gluck, founder and CEOof Advisor Products, speaking.
  4. 4. The Client View In AdvisorVault The client view is configurable. Make “Portfolio Reports,” “My Documents” or any other folder the landing page for clients logging in. Clients can access their documents, portfolio reports, unread documents and files you’ve shared among all clients.
  5. 5. AdvisorVault Features• Advisor-Centric• Excellent For Multi-Family Offices• Collaborate Online With Your Professional Network• Automate Emails To Notify Clients About Newly Shared Documents• Desktop Connector Puts All Client Vaults On Your Desktop• Schwab PortfolioCenter And Advent Axys Performance Reports• Interactive HTML reports And PDFs• Integrated with financial planning, CRM, aggregation, and reporting apps• Document Management Software (DMS) Integration with Cabinet NG• Open Architecture Using Microsoft SharePoint• Application Program Interface To Connect With Your Internal Systems
  6. 6. Advisor-centric
  7. 7. Supports Families
  8. 8. Wills And Trust Documents
  9. 9. Collaborate Online WithYour Professional Network
  10. 10. Collaborate Online WithYour Professional Network
  11. 11. Automated Vault Notifications
  12. 12. Template Emails
  13. 13. Integrate Your Workflows
  14. 14. AdvisorVault for PortfolioCenter or Advent provides advisor clients eight HTML reports.AdvisorVault also enables batch uploads of PDFs but HTML is a rich media experience.• Click on column headings to reorder reports.• Download gains, losses, positions into Excel.• Configure your reports to show only the tabs you choose.• Clients click tabs to navigate across the eight interactive reports.
  15. 15. • Files in CNG-SAFE easily upload to client vaults• When you synch from CNG-SAFE to AdvisorVault, client account and client folders are created automatically• CNG-SAFE folder/tab structure imported into AdvisorVault
  16. 16. Client’s Link to AdvisorVaultClient’s Temporary Password
  17. 17. Integrate With Your Internal Systems
  18. 18. AdvisorVault Is One Piece Of The Puzzle
  19. 19. Advisor Products’ Ecosystem
  20. 20. Secure• 256-bit Encrypted Throughout• Fully Redundant Infrastructure• SAS 70 Hosting Facility• Independently Monitored For intruders 24/7
  21. 21. Content For HNWIs And Ultra-HNWIs
  22. 22. Email Newsletters
  23. 23. Advisor Social MediaContent Stream• We create articles and videos for your website• We write tweets about our financial content• You send the tweets to your social network• The tweets link to your website• 1Q12: Dashboard for scheduling tweets
  24. 24. Broker/Dealers And Custodians• 1st Global Capital Corp. •National Financial Partners• American Portfolios • National Planning Corporation• Ameritas Investment Corp. • ProEquities• Cetera • Raymond James Financial Services• Schwab Advisor Services • Royal Alliance• Cambridge Investment Research • SEI• Commonwealth Financial Network • Securities America• Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services • Securities Service Network• FSC Securities Corporation • Shareholder Services Group• John Hancock • TD Ameritrade Institutional• LPL Financial • The Strategic Financial Alliance• Lincoln Financial Securities • United Planners Financial Services• Triad Advisors • Wall Street Financial Group• National Advisors Trust • Wealthvest
  25. 25. Integrations• Advent Axys • MoneyGuide Pro• Advent Portfolio Exchange • MoneyTree• Advisor Exchange • Orion Advisor Services• Albridge • Redtail Technology• AppCrown (Selesforce) • Salesforce• AssetBook • Schwab PortfolioCenter• Black Diamond Reporting •TD Ameritrade Institutional Veo• ByAllAccounts • Trumpet• Cabinet NG• Ebix CRM• Finance Logix• LaserApp