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Lead Generation Content For Advisors: 13 Tax Tips For Doctors For 2013

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You can purchase this special report targeted to doctors branded with your logo. Post it for all to see on your website, or require visitors submit their contact information to view the report in order to generate leads.

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Lead Generation Content For Advisors: 13 Tax Tips For Doctors For 2013

  1. 1. YourLogoYourLogoThe American TaxpayerRelief Act (ATRA) extendsa broad range of taxbreaks, but many doctorsare likely to face tax rateincreases.13 Tax Planning Tips ForDoctors For 2013YourLogo
  2. 2. YourLogoA recent trend for medical professionals isjoining with hospitals or mega-groups.With a hospital, a doctor is generallytreated as an employee and receives a W-2. However, if a doctor instead becomes apartner in a group, K-1 income can beoffset by deductions, even if the doctorisn’t an equity partner. This may be a keytax planning consideration.5. Mega-Group Maneuver.
  3. 3. YourLogoIf you’ve incorporated your practice,you probably own stock in thecorporation through your retirementplan. When it’s time to sell thecompany, instead of selling the stockand receiving the proceeds, take thedistribution in stock. Under a little-known tax law provision, anyappreciation in value – known as “netunrealized appreciation” (NUA) – isexempt from tax. Congress hasthreatened to end this loophole, butit’s still there now.7. Cash Out Tax-Free.
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