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Aerohills- mobile social games = for investors

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Aerohills- mobile social games development = Deck for investors

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Aerohills- mobile social games = for investors

  1. 1. Social/ Mobile Game development studio
  2. 2. Mobile and social gaming is super hot today• We offer an entertainment experience, allowing users to fill their free time at home or on the go with a fun and engaging game experience• People want to feel like winners, experience the euphoria of success• Social communication between friends on social networks
  3. 3. Our market has still got a huge upside• Mobile games are expanding our target market from core gamers to the wider population
  4. 4. Target audience• Our games are focused on a wide audience 35/ 65 of man/ women gamers from youngers to older people• Very low barrier of entry (even not gamers can play)• Multi-platform allowing gamers to start playing at home on desktop computer and continue to have the same game experience on the go and in transport on mobile device – Tablet or SmartPhone
  5. 5. Target audience• We distribute our games through mobile platforms and social networks• All countries of the world and many international languages (differentiation of local economy risks)
  6. 6. Project #1= Casual mobile social game Three Musketeers comics Android – Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, Apple iOS – Iphone, Ipad
  7. 7. Project #2= Casual mobile social game Alice in WonderlandSocial mobile game with puzzle lines gameplay, connected to social networks –,, Vk.comiOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 8, Flash clients platforms will be launched soon.
  8. 8. CompetitionAerohills acheivements today: 2Mln users on social / mobile platforms and growing60 000 active monthly users
  9. 9. Competition• Zynga, King, Wooga – casual games companies from Facebook now moving to mobile• We are developing cross platform games from start for iOS, Android different markets, Windows 8, Apple Mac• Our mobile Games connected to social networks (Amazon Gamecircle, Apple Gamecenter, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, other )• Game brand based on the famous stories like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Three Musketeers”
  10. 10. Business model - monetization• Try before buy: play trial version and then buy Full version• Virtual goods: In-game upgrades, e.g. purchase of the boosters to improve gaming experience• Sales of time to play (energy, unlimited play for all day) to continue the gaming session• Sales of virtual items to achieve better score results and win the game against friends• Advertising monetization = CPM , CPA, CPI
  11. 11. Team• We have management team in London and 8 people at the development office in Kiev, Ukraine• Our team has been behind some of the most successful games, like The Witcher, Gothic 4/ Arcania, Celtic Lore, Three Musketeers secrets, Mystery of the Earl and others• In the same team We worked before on development and distribution of casual adventure games with biggest gaming portals around the world: Bigfishgames, Gamehouse, Nevosoft, Iwin, and others
  12. 12. We are open for cooperation ! +38096 5828721