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Realtor online marketing plan

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This is the base guide for every Realtor to use when putting

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Realtor online marketing plan

  1. 1. realtor marketing planonline marketing | websites | social media TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. what is agent redefined? it is george cuevas we perform realtor training in tech marketing we build websites for realtors we do graphic/logo work for realtors we build out youtube background pages forrealtors TECHNOLOGY
  3. 3. realtor training blogweekly training articles for realtor marketing & techcomments and Q&A can take place hereyou can future topics TECHNOLOGY
  4. 4. what does agent redefined want? to provide free & paid for training for realtors to build a realtor website for you to come out to your office to give a trainingsession to have you come out to one of our live trainingevents TECHNOLOGY
  5. 5. who is el guapo former realtor from chicago with extensive short saleexperience tech geek proudly served in the US Army loves to travel the country and meet / train realtors TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. where do realtor leads comeof your database (sphere from?influence) cold lead (advertising, massmailing, etc) online/internet (social media,websites, etc...) TECHNOLOGY
  7. 7. three undeniable truths about effective marketing campaigns need an objective - goal. plus, they areset with a start & end point. campaigns should run consistent and repetitious.(marketing never sleeps) return on investment (ROI): campaigns must bemeasured and analyzed for cost vs. effectiveness. TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. three stages of online - internet marketing for real estate1. basic: using everything that is FREE.2. advanced: websites, video creation, advancedsocial media, advanced zillow/trulia accounts3. braveheart: blogging, advertising, squeeze pages,advanced video blogging, pay per click ads, spendingmoney to generate leads TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. stage 1: basic full deployment of free accounts breakdown into two types of accountsa. social mediab. online property marketing free profiles completely filled out for optimization. activate program for building online testimonials. back to basics - pictures and video TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. your primary mission in stage 1 is to get your professional name everywhere onthe internet through the use of free social media and property marketing sites TECHNOLOGY
  11. 11. Set up and optimize thestage 1: basic following accounts: Use this as a guide for completingfacebooktwitteryoutube SOCIALgoogle+ NETWORKINGgoogle places REAL MARKETINGr e a l t o r. c o m WEBSITES TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. facebook fan page or no fan page? you really should do the fan page... how to use facebook: it s all about CONTENT(images, video, links, clever posts) think about what your going to post/your audience: Friends VS Clients percentage of Real Estate related posts VS. Social posts (35% ¦ 65%?) back to basics with pictures and video: creative images and video get moreclicks, short videos get looked at. your friends don t want to be sold a house once every week/month SEO: google indexes facebook pages TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. facebook posting ideas cool views make great posts(spectacular views, cool kitchens, coolbackyards/pools) crazy house things make great posts (chandelier in the garage, a pinkbathroom, etc...) a picture of your real estate sign posted up on a new listing with commentlike another great day to be selling houses , or, check out my new signs,what do you think say happy b-day to your friends closing picture, take a picture of you with a satisfied client after a closingat the title company, or getting dinner/drinks, celebrating, passing the keys,etc... your friends can know your a realtor without you selling them every week/month block out advertising effect TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. Facebook doesnt work! Neither does Twitter. Neither does Foursquare. Neither does any other social network.None of the social networks work.What works is you. You do the work. The networks simply provide some sort of outlet or platform to do whatever it is thatyou’re doing there.So when people talk about “Hey is Facebook working for you?” or “I don’t get how Twitter works” there’s a reason. They’retalking about it because they’re still focused on the networks.What works is you. It’s your ability to generate meaningful relationships and community. The network is just a place for youto do that relationship building.The networks provide simple tools, simple abstractions of social behavior we might go through in the real world. Instead of asmile and wave as we pass each other on the street we get a thumbs up button on a screen. Instead of a little chit chat at thecheckout line we get a 140 characters of how your day is going. Instead of a high five we get a retweet.The real power of social networking isn’t in social networking. The real power of social networking isn’t in collecting likesor retweets or followers or fans or mayorships. The real power of social networking isn’t in gathering up large numbers ofthese abstractions.The power of social networking is real. It’s really real. As in, reality.Your relationships in the real world are real. Your ability to use digital tools and press buttons on keyboards and tap flatpieces of glass and plastic with invisible electronic sensors embedded and connected to more copper and silicon and thentransmitted through the air to towers and wending through space and time until it arrives on someone else’s piece of glass where your idea becomes their idea toowhere it jumps instantaneously into their mindis the real power of social networking.Try focusing more on the last part of that chain of events and worry less about about the first part. TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. connect your listings to your account completely fill out profile - 100% testimonials: both zillow and trulia provide email forms to fillout and send to clients. more testimonials will help you reach the top of zillow/trulia engage on zillow and trulia blogs. use the widgets / facebook apps TECHNOLOGY
  16. 16. how you are pulled up with a basic account on zillow TECHNOLOGY
  17. 17. one of chicago s top agents nottaking advantage of zillow , YET TECHNOLOGY
  18. 18. one of chicago s top agents n taking advantage of zillow TECHNOLOGY
  19. 19. youtube read the training article in Realtor Training Blog start making video, it s easier than you think. content: your property videos content: agent video, showcase yourself ROCKSTAR: content: community video, showcase yourcommunity go to great example of an effective youtube page TECHNOLOGY
  20. 20. youtube videos should ideally be 2 - 5 minutes max, anything over 5minutes has to be really, really good to keep viewers watchingit. think of your background, natural backgrounds of your officework great. property videos can include more than just the house, showoff the park, community pool, neighborhood, places nearby,etc... get a youtube background from me!!! LOL TECHNOLOGY
  21. 21. google places if you have a physical address for yourbusiness, you need to be using google places. easiest and cheapest tool for SEO. needs up to date client reviews in order tomaximize effectiveness. TECHNOLOGY
  22. 22. linked in your professional profile in social media google searches like and index the linkedinresults fill out your profile 100% grow your networks strategically and locally get at least 2-3 recommendations from CLIENTS TECHNOLOGY
  23. 23. linked in fill out your profileTECHNOLOGY
  24. 24. pinterest is a social networking site whichis based on using images for bringing people/networks together to share images, services,products, places, etc... TECHNOLOGY
  25. 25. TECHNOLOGY
  26. 26. TECHNOLOGY
  27. 27. TECHNOLOGY
  28. 28. stage 2: advancedthe websitevideo productionproducing content, content, content TECHNOLOGY
  29. 29. the what is theestatereal estate website? real purpose of a website a real estate website should be an information portal for your clients &prospective clients a base website is your online - interactive business card info for buyers: school info, mortgage calculators, property searches, howto guides/e-books and tool kits info for sellers: how to guides/e-books and tool kits, your marketing plan,property evaluations info for real estate: short sales, community, rent to own, propertymanagement, etc... TECHNOLOGY
  30. 30. the real estate website IDX: Prices vary depending on your local MLS The cheapest IDX we have found is & $40 - $60/month IDX can be easily placed into any WordPress website Purchase an IDX feed directly from an IDX provider toSAVE money!!!! Try and not purchase from a reseller of IDX USE IDX TO MARKET TO POTENTIAL BUYERS!!!!!!!! TECHNOLOGY
  31. 31. the real estate website IDX: Prices vary depending on your local MLS. The cheapest IDX we have found is & IDX can be easily placed into any WordPress website Purchase an IDX feed directly from an IDX provider toSAVE money!!!! Try and not purchase from a reseller of IDX USE IDX TO MARKET TO POTENTIAL BUYERS!!!!!!!! TECHNOLOGY
  32. 32. the real estate website why use WordPress?affordablecustomizable1000 s of themes to choose from ( up to date with tech changes/trends1000 s of WordPress tech geeks that can work on your siteno monthly fees when you own your own sitecontact me when your ready to start talking websites TECHNOLOGY
  33. 33. stage 3: braveheart strategyattack and conquer campaigning and destroy your competition facebook/google PPC squeeze pages blogging paid SEO TECHNOLOGY