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AggreGate Industrial IoT Projects

Now, IoT platforms replace and combine features of different software: SCADA and BMS, smart metering, IT infrastructure and network management systems, CMMS/ITSM, M2M platforms, fleet management, physical security and access control, BI systems, etc.

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AggreGate Industrial IoT Projects

  1. 1. Industrial IoT Projects
  2. 2. IIoT Platforms • IoT platforms are not just about data collection via MQTT, storing it in NoSQL database, or running predictive maintenance. • Now, IoT platforms replace and combine features of different software: SCADA and BMS, smart metering, IT infrastructure and network management systems, CMMS/ITSM, M2M platforms, fleet management, physical security and access control, BI systems, etc. • One of the most important platform features is decentralization of decision making and its shifting to the low level (PLC and IoT- gateway level). This is so-called IoT Edge Computing/Analytics. - 2 -
  3. 3. Cases Overview • Platforms implemented in almost every industry • Companies dealing with tangible assets (manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, retail) benefit more from IIoT than those operating intangible assets (banking sector, IT) • There are no sectors where IoT platforms can’t be applied • No geographical limitation. Underdeveloped countries keep up with IIoT development pace (as well as with network buildout) • Our cases cover platform implementation only (not LPWA networks or else) - 3 -
  4. 4. Power Engineering • Steam turbine operation management, 600 tags, OPC and Modbus TCP protocols. Shree Renuka Sugars, India. • Multi-service SDH/PDH network monitoring for electric substations in Moscow. United Energy Company, Russia. • UPS and communication equipment monitoring system. Zeya water power plant, Russia. • Nuclear neutron reactor monitoring. 18K tags, 10Hz polling rate. Data collection from National Instruments real-time chassis. Saint-Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia. - 4 -
  5. 5. Oil and Gas • Monitoring and diagnostics of narrow-band radio-relay communication between oil pump stations. TransCanada Pipelines, Canada. • Industrial network equipment monitoring, more than 500 hosts. KazMunaiGas, Kazakhstan. • Engineering Systems Monitoring. Gazprom Neft-Noyabrsk, Russia. • Supervisory control and communication system between oil pump stations and pipeline operation control stations. Leakage control system on oil-trunk pipelines. Industrial IT equipment monitoring. Gomeltransneft, Belarus. - 5 -
  6. 6. Manufacturing • Reference solution: packaging line management and efficiency/failure statistics analysis. Dozens of deployments. SMI Group, Italy. • Spring production process control. Equipment downtime cause tracking. "Springs " Industrial Technology Center, Russia. • Production process control and defect analysis on automatic surface-mount line. Ostec-SMT, Russia. • CNC machine monitoring and time tracking. EnAutomation, Turkey. - 6 -
  7. 7. Telecoms • Network core, server, and application monitoring. More than 2500 hosts connected to a single monitoring server. Kcell, Kazakhstan. • Reference solution: managing cellular base stations power supply. Dozens of deployments (mostly in Africa and Southeast Asia). Flexenclosure, Sweden. • Access-level and aggregation-level network monitoring. An-net, Russia. • System for building and visualization of radio-relay network topology based on NEC equipment. Mobile operator, Russia. - 7 -
  8. 8. Building Automation and Smart City • Comprehensive sea port automation. Access control, video surveillance, traffic and parking management, weather, container and vessel monitoring, incident management. Huelva Port Authority, Spain. • City fountain management and monitoring. Unitronics controllers, distributed installation. Sharel Engineers, Israel. • Streetlight control and energy consumption management. Unicom Microsystems, Bulgaria. • End-to-end corporate campus automation, integration with social networks, and incident management. Wipro, India. - 8 -
  9. 9. Transportation and Logistics • Distributed time and attendance solution for underground personnel, 200 gates. Tbilisi Transport Company, Georgia. • Corporate network, application, and business service monitoring. Kazakhstan Railways. • Reference solution: forklift fleet monitoring and management. Keytroller, USA. • Corporate network, application, and business service monitoring. Traffic decomposition via NetFlow protocol. Pony Express, Russia. - 9 -
  10. 10. Government • IT infrastructure and e-government services monitoring. National Information Technologies, Kazakhstan. • Building automation and energy saving enhancement. Integration with Daikin air conditioning system, Clipsal C-Bus lighting managing system, electricity meters, and GE Alliance access control system. Central Electoral Commission of Namibia. • Comprehensive data center automation and monitoring. Management of engineering infrastructure, access control, IT infrastructure, and services. POC for Moscow Region Government, Russia. - 10 -
  11. 11. Agriculture • Sugar beet state and storage conditions monitoring, data collection from laboratory sensors, people/vehicle tracking. Rusagro, Russia. • SCADA system as part of "Smart production" program for sugar beet plants. Rusagro, Russia. - 11 - Finance and Insurance • Event monitoring of bank information security subsystem. National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. • Corporate network equipment (mostly Cisco) configuration control. Pervomaisky bank, Russia.
  12. 12. OEM Solutions • Reference solution: remote monitoring, management and maintenance of IP-based industrial amplifiers. Fiplex Communications, Argentina. • Industrial air-con units monitoring and maintenance for telecom facilities. Coolsure, Hong Kong. • Reference solution: access control, time and attendance solutions based on dedicated controllers. Hundreds of deployments worldwide. Giga-TMS, Taiwan. • Centralized data acquisition from geo-distributed network of mobile and fixed alcohol control stations. Intoximeters, USA. - 12 -
  13. 13. - 13 - Check our IIoT case studies on the website: studies.html