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在軟體開發流程敏捷起來的同時,使用經驗設計(UX Design)也瘦身有成,開始變得精實。這次的分享將會以Lean UX為主題,與大家一起探討從process, outcome, mindset面,如何讓UX更為精實。

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  1. 1. ⼈人 MikeChou/StaffUIDesigner/HumanInterfaceEngineering
  2. 2. Mike Chou Human Interface Engineering Team c e kM u 我 在 I 了 I 了 I 在 Cs m e lu M u k 在 e 在 ( 在 了 e o 了 了t n 在 P 在 e A E 不 是
  3. 3. … •  •  ⼈人 •  • 
  4. 4. Q 有
  5. 5. ⼀一
  6. 6.
  7. 7. e
  8. 8. e a 不 是
  9. 9. O T
  10. 10. ⼈人
  11. 11. SA ⼈人
  12. 12. “Lean UX is the practice of bringing the true nature of a product to light faster, in a collaborative, cross- functional way that reduces the emphasis on thorough documentation while increasing the focus on building a shared understanding of the actual product experience being designed. ” ~ Jeff Gothelf
  13. 13. e A a
  14. 14. Design Thinking Agile Development Lean Startup ⼈人
  16. 16. Design Thinking Process I ⼈人
  17. 17. Agile Development I ⼈人 在 在 在 pA 不 是在 不 r是
  18. 18. Lean Startup I ⼈人 LEARN BUILD MEASURE THINK MAKE CHECK Remove Waste Collaboration Validated Learning
  19. 19. ⼈人
  20. 20. ⼈人 ASSUMPTIONS Feedback MVP OUTCOME
  21. 21. r ) )(& ) U ) U P e
  23. 23. ASSUMPTIONS Declaring assumptions Analytics reports Usability reports Past fixes to issues Business analysis Competitive analyses problems / issues
  24. 24. Making problem statements Problem Statements Template [Our service/product] was designed to achieve [these goals]. We have observed that the product/service isn’t meeting [these goals], which is causing [this adverse effect] to our business. How might we improve [service/product] so that our customers are more successful based on [these measurable criteria]? a. goal of the product/service b. the problem the business stakeholder wants addressed c. HMW an explicit request for improvement that doesn’t dictate a specific solution ASSUMPTIONS
  25. 25. Transforming assumption statements to hypothesis statements Template We believe that [doing this/building this feature/creating this experience] for [these people/personas] will achieve [this outcome]. We will know this is true when we see [this market feedback, quantitative measure, or qualitative insight]. Hypothesis Statement HYPOTHESES
  26. 26. Running a design studio Individual idea generation (diverge) DESIGNSTUDIO
  27. 27. Presentation and critique Iterate and refine (emerge) DESIGNSTUDIO
  28. 28. Presentation and critique Team idea generation (converge) Presentation and critique DESIGNSTUDIO
  29. 29. Creating a Style Guide DESIGNSTUDIO
  30. 30. Creating an MVP b b MVP
  31. 31. Collaborative discovery Continuous discovery FEEDBACKANDRESEARCH
  32. 32. Assump&ons) Hypotheses) Assumption – Hypotheses – Design Studio – MVP – Validation Problems) Design) Workshop) 1 2 3 MVP) 5 Valida&on) 6 JP)Support)provided) quan&ta&ve)data)to) show)what)are)the) top)problems)from) our)customers) HIE)transformed)the) problems)to) assump&ons) HIE,)JP)Support,)BA) together)wrote)the) hypotheses)based)on) the)assump&ons) HIE)facilitated)the) workshop)to) brainstorm)possible) solu&ons.) 4 HIE)worked)on)the) MVP)that)shows)the) agreed)solu&ons)in)a) story)format) JP)Support)carried)out) the)valida&on)with)the) real)customers)
  33. 33. Lean UX Process Assump&ons Hypotheses Design2Studio MVP Feedback/Research
  34. 34. Assump&ons Problem: Customers pay for Digital Living Service but only 0.5% contact rate, because they dislike long waiting time. Digital Living Service was designed to act as a techie friend to our customers. We have observed that our customers hesitate to ask us questions because they don’t like wait for too long. How might we improve Digital Living Service so that our customers will be more willing to contact us?
  35. 35. Hypotheses We believe that displaying the status of our service representative whether they are available or busy and the current average waiting time for Patricia or Robert will increase the contact rate. We will know this is true when we see 10% more of our customer contacting us.
  36. 36. Design2Studio
  37. 37. Design2Studio
  38. 38. MVP
  39. 39. Feedback/Research
  40. 40. Thank You Mike Chou