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Allie Brock - Making training serious fun

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What's the best way to teach agile? By playing agile games, of course. In this session, we will talk about some of the different ways in which people learn and introduce some of the games which we use at Box UK to introduce clients to agile concepts and practices. Expect a fun, interactive session as Allie employs those very techniques to show Agile Cymru why agile play can be serious fun.

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Allie Brock - Making training serious fun

  1. 1. Making Agile serious fun!
  2. 2. @brocknroller #agcym16 Allie Brock Business analyst Product owner Agile coach Roller derby player!
  3. 3. FACT Training courses are boring
  4. 4. People forget 40% of what they learned after 20 minutes
  5. 5. People forget 77% of what they learned after six days
  6. 6. People forget 90% of what they learned after one month
  7. 7. AGILE
  8. 8. How do people learn?
  9. 9. Visual Auditory Reading Kinesthetic http://vark-learn.
  10. 10. Visual Auditory Reading Kinesthetic Over 50% http://vark-learn.
  11. 11. “People are 3 times more likely to learn and retain knowledge through playing games” Alvin Toffler - The Third Wave
  12. 12. Active Passive RetentionLevel Low High Teach others Practise doing Discussion Demonstration Audiovisual Reading Lecture
  13. 13. “Tell me and I forget. “Teach me and I may remember. “Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin
  14. 14. AGILE
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Let’s play Battleships!
  17. 17. How to play ● Split group into two teams (Team A and Team B) ● Both teams have 2 minutes to plan their ship placement (horizontal or vertical - no diagonal placement). 18 markers, top grid ● Team A then have 5 minutes to plan their hits up front. 30 hits, bottom grid ● Team A then relay their planned hits to Team B. ● Team B reply with miss/hit/hit and sunk. ● Team B then have 5 minutes to play each of their 30 hits, and receive feedback from Team A after each hit
  18. 18. The results!
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. @brocknroller #agcym16