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Jeff Campbell - Actionable Agile Tools

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Do you ever feel locked into a solution too quickly? Ever feel like you’re going with an idea just because all other ideas are getting shot down? This happens in a lot of teams, with everything from technical solutions to process problems. In this talk we will explore the value of having many options and solutions to a problem and show you some concrete ways of getting started with this approach.

* We look at how to get better solutions, team engagement and promote innovation in your team.
* We will discuss how to help you to explore the whole problem space before you get locked into an approach.
* We will examine tools to shift your mindset to exploring options and experiments.

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Jeff Campbell - Actionable Agile Tools

  1. 1. Actionable Agile Tools JEFF CAMPBELL @Zebra_003
  2. 2. Me Twitter: Zebra_003
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. Standard Disclaimer
  5. 5. Experiment Driven Change A tool for retrospectives
  6. 6. Coffee Room Whining ● Talk about everything ● Someone else’s fault ● Nothing Changes Retrospective ● Talk about one thing ● What can we do? ● Experiments
  7. 7. Appreciation Flowers A tool for retrospectives
  8. 8. Tasty Timeboxes A tools for iterations
  9. 9. Tasty Timeboxes ● Pick something tasty (sweets, fruits, cheese, etc…) ● Name Sprints alphabetically ○ Apple pie ○ blueberry pie ○ chocolate cake ● Eat the thing after your Sprint Review ● Enjoy
  10. 10. Bugs for Breakfast A tool for quality
  11. 11. Bugs for breakfast ● Have a team breakfast each week (1.5 hours) ● Focus on quality related things ○ Look at error logs ○ Improve logging ○ Improve tooling ○ Fix issues ○ Create tests ○ Anything that increases quality ● Socialize
  12. 12. Where Does The Time Go? A tool for data based decisions
  13. 13. Event Log A tool for retrospectives
  14. 14. Door Calendar An information radiator
  15. 15. Resilience Map A tool for cross functionality
  16. 16. In-Line Definition of Done A tool for quality
  17. 17. Morning Meeting Protocol A tool for meeting efficiency
  18. 18. WIP Protocol A tool for Kanban
  19. 19. Not Now Backlog A tool for dealing with junk ;)
  20. 20. Not Now Backlog ● Decided what now means. ● Create a “deep backlog”. ● Move all the crap you’re never going to do. ● Forget about it.
  21. 21. Visualised Flow A tool for refinement
  22. 22. In Flow
  23. 23. Refinement
  24. 24. Refinement
  25. 25. In Process
  26. 26. Outflow
  27. 27. See the whole
  28. 28. The Secret Conversations
  29. 29. Shameless Plug