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Mnemonics of Ophthalmology
Mnemonics of Ophthalmology
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Rings, Dots, Lines & Spots



My Talk In National Eye Center , Cairo On 7th Feb , 2016

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Rings, Dots, Lines & Spots

  1. 1. Rings , Dots , Lines &Rings , Dots , Lines & Spots !Spots ! By Dr.Ahmed Alsherbiny MSc. Ophth
  2. 2. Rings
  3. 3. Ring Keratitis Acanthamoeba keratitis
  4. 4. Kayser-Fleischer’s ring Wilson’s disease
  5. 5. Corneal rust ring A small, reddish brown, circular opacity remained in the cornea after the removal of an iron foreign body.
  6. 6. Coat's White ring A form of iron deposit at the level of Bowman's layer Commonly associated with previous corneal foreign body
  7. 7. Fleischer’s ring visible all around the base of cone in Keratoconus .
  8. 8. Soemmering’s ring early opacification of lens capsule after cataract extraction
  9. 9. Vossius’ ring Iris Pigment on anterior lens capsule in concussion injury to eye
  10. 10. Weiss  ring Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)
  11. 11. Double ring sign the peripheral margin of the encircling ring corresponding to the border of a normal-sized optic disc. Seen in Hypoplasia of the Optic Disc
  12. 12. Golden Ring A golden ring within the lens is evidence of successful delineation.
  13. 13. Lines
  14. 14. Arlt's Line Trachoma conjunctival scar in sulcus subtarsalis.
  15. 15. Ferry’s Line Corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of filtering blebs
  16. 16. Hudson-Stahli Line Horizonatl corneal epithelial iron line at the inferior one third of cornea due to aging.
  17. 17. Khodadoust Line corneal graft endothelial rejection line composed of inflammatory cells.
  18. 18. Paton’s Line Circumferential retinal folds due to papilledema
  19. 19. Sampaolesi line Increased pigmentation anterior to Schwalbe’s line in pseudoexfoliation syndrome.
  20. 20. Zentmeyer line (Scheie’s Line( •Pigment on lens equator and posterior capsule in pigment dispersion syndrome.
  21. 21. Schwalbe’s Line Angle structure
  22. 22. Stockers Line Corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of pterygium
  23. 23. White lines of Vogt Sheathed or sclerosed vessels seen in Lattice degeneration
  24. 24. Dots
  25. 25. Trantas Dot Collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis.
  26. 26. Mittendorf's dot whitish spot at posterior lens surface,remnant of hyaloid artery.
  27. 27. Gunn's dots light reflectios from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula
  28. 28. Spots
  29. 29. Krachmer Spots subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal stromal graft rejection
  30. 30. Elschnig's spots black spots surrounded by bright yellow or red halos in patients with advanced hypertensive retinopathy
  31. 31. Bitot's spot White, foamy area of keratinising squamous metaplasia of bulbar conjunctiva,seen in vitamin A deficiency.
  32. 32. Brushfield spot Whitish grey spot in peripheral iris,seen in Down's syndrome.
  33. 33. Fischer-Khunt spot Senile scleral hyaline plaques are bilateral oval, dark-greyish areas located close to the insertion of the horizontal rectus muscles
  34. 34. Roth spots Haemorrhages with white centres,seen in SABE, severe anaemia,collagen vascular disorders.
  35. 35. Fuchs' spot A small black spot on the fundus in high myopia, occurring after macular haemorrhage
  36. 36. Thank You