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3 Advices For Using WhatsApp In HCP Communication

  1. AHMED SAMY Co-Founder | CEO Eureka Digital 3 golden advices for using WHATSAPP IN HCP COMMUNICATION! Swipe
  2. 1. Personalize your messages
  3. Imagine an HCP who has raised an objection during last communication and now he’s waiting for clarification but he receives an irrelevant WhatsApp message! 1. Personalize
  4. ✓Make sure to use accurate, person-level data in your campaigns. ✓Language, interests, and context are all great ways to make sure your message is as personal and targeted as possible. 1. Personalize
  5. 2.Make it Simple
  6. ✓Don't take the unlimited WhatsApp message size to the extreme, your message should be clear and straightforward. ✓If an HCP needs more details, a link to a content rich website should be available. 2. Simplify
  7. 3. Don't be spammy
  8. 3. Don’t Spam ✓Use wisely, HCPs don’t have time except for valuable information at suitable timing and frequency. ✓Be very picky to choose what to send, when and how.
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