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  1. Presented by – Ajeet Kumar Roll no-2236011 Thermal Engineering M. Tech(2nd Sem.) Renewable Energy
  2. Content Introduction Objective Broadly form of ocean energy Different techniques to make useable of ocean energy How much energyand what types? Application Advantages Disadvantage Conclusion Reference
  3. Introduction ⚫Theocean cover 75% of theworld surface. ⚫It is the largest renewable energy source of earth thatcan reduce greenhouseemissions. ⚫ Theocean havepower in different form i.e. -waveenergy -tidal energy -ocean temp. differenceenergy
  4. OBJECTIVE To reduce the useof fossil fuel. Obtain theeconomical load scheduling. Foreconomical production costchooseas the base load plant with diesel orgas powerplant. Reducing otherauxiliary equipment i.e.-cooling towerash handling coal handling oil etc. Avoid from variousenvironmental issue i.e. -greenhouseeffect -solid wastes -acid rain etc
  5. Broadly form of ocean energy Waveenergy Tidalenergy [Ocean energydue to] temp. difference of oceanwater. Note- we focused onlyabove twotopic
  6. Wave energy
  7. Tidal energy Tidal energy is the potential difference b/w tidal cycle head and tail. which is carried by the action of sun and the moonof theoceanwater
  8. Different techniques to make useable of ocean energy TIDAL BARRAGE
  9. Utilization of wave energy *It consist a permagnet shaftcovered by electricalcoil when magnet come in motion flux quantityvaries and emf Induced.
  10. Wave capture device
  11. How much energy and what types? -250 Billion barrelsof oil worth of energy coming into ocean everyday -80 million barrels of oil perday produced Theoretical global resourceof ocean energy: 8,000-80,000 TWh/yr for wave energy 800 TWh/yr for tidal current energy 2,000 TWh/yr for salinity gradient energy 10,000 TWh/yr forocean thermal energy World’selectricityconsumption 17,000 TWh/yr
  12. Application Powersupplied light towerthose navigatesship. Powersupplied cities those localized at shoreof ocean. Used forelectrification of ship (f loaterpower) . Powersupplied togrid. Individual powersupplied for locally industriesat the shoreof ocean (Tidal energy used) Powersupplied tocommunication towerthat is used forreceiver, transmitterorrepeater.
  13. Advantages Onceyou’ve built it then ocean power is free . Nogreenhouseeffectcreated. No fuel requirement. Noany solid waste managementproblem. Reduces auxiliary equipment i.e. cooling tower pre heater boileretc. Economical production cost. Useas base powerplant.
  14. Disadvantage Effect on marine ecosystem- as clean as wave energy is it still creates hazards for someof theanimal near it. Suitable to certain locations-the biggest disadvantage togetting yourenergy from thewave location. only powerplants and towns near the ocean will benifit directly from it.
  15. Conclusion Ocean resources are immenseyetdiffuse and expensive toexploit. Itsan energy that have big potential to be moredeveloped In future this could represent another solution in renewable source of energy so that the management in this areacould be a more sustainable business.
  16. Reference    vangeline_trail.htm   ipment