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An Application to give complains and feedback

This PPT is prepared to give a short idea about how you can make an android application to help the system to function properly.

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An Application to give complains and feedback

  1. 1. Introduction to the Problem • Taking into account the current scenario in the society, almost everybody is facing a problem in registering their complaints against the government institutes involved in the basic needs of common people. • Due to lack of amenities the responsible sincere officers are also not able to attend the complaints of common people and are not able to solve their problems. • So with this application we want to ease the way of complaining against particular officers or institutions to the respective heads and connect these two type of people by using technology.
  2. 2. To develop an Application that can be used to register the problems and complaints in the city.
  3. 3. Aim •To support the DIGITAL INDIA project and help citizens to connect to their Municipal Corporations in a better way.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES • To improve the system of PUBLIC HEALTH , EDUCATION , SECURITY , WATER & SANITATION etc., with the help of Feedback system of the citizens . • To create transparency between the government system and people, to create a friendly atmosphere. • To bridge the path for complainer and respective incharge officer. • To let people be incognito against a particular situation. • Every individual should be able to review and Judge a particular officer or person incharge with help of this app.
  5. 5. Possible Solutions • Creating a smartphone application, with which people can either opt to complain against a particular activity or about an individual officer or they can just give a feedback about an individual official they have interacted with. • Taking into account population and varied names, app can have login Id for the users as their mobile numbers which is different for every individual. • Also all the officials in a particular Municipal corporation be allotted an unique ID or their mobile numbers can be used to relate them against a particular complain or feedback.
  6. 6. • If a citizen has a complaint or feedback, he can post a photo and add description of a problem. • The Complaint will be classified and confidential and will further be sent to the concerned department. • The details of measures taken to solve the problem will be notified to the person registering the problem by officer through App, to keep a track on his complaint. • This will help the respective officials to attend the complaints easily and with help of feedbacks they can know their strengths and weakness and act accordingly.
  7. 7. Features of the App • App will cover officials and activities of departments of Municipal Corporation such as : - Health - Education Departments - Electricity Boards - Traffic Department - Water Supply - Environment , etc.
  8. 8. LogintoApp Complaint Feedback Help
  9. 9. Complaint Select Department Select Area(Ward) Feedback Select Department Select Area(Ward)
  10. 10. In the above block diagrams: • In the Select Departments option, all the departments included in the municipal corporation(power, education, public health, water and sanitation, etc) will be listed. • While in select area option, the list of areas or wards will be displayed according to the municipal corporations conventions to discriminate areas within themselves and in easily understandable manner.
  11. 11. SelectCategory Post Complaint/Feedback Reference activity Attachments
  12. 12. Refering above hierarchy : • You can select category with reference to the department the complaint is regarding: - It can be against a particular officer. - Against an Activity or a particular team. - It can also be an Incognito type.( To hide identity) • After posting complaint/feedback you should add a reference to the case stating anything related to the activity against which the complaint/feedback is being done, in case to avoid misguidance. • An attachment of a photo/.pdf or text file can also be done related to the complaint/feedback.
  13. 13. Software and Hardware requirements: • Software Interface: Operating System – Android 4.1(Jelly Bean or above) API Level 16 Front End/Back End- Eclipse 4.3(Kepler) Android SDK - It will be a open source repository. • Device will require to have Google services activated on the device.
  14. 14. • Hardware Interface : Android Device Specifications : Process/RAM/HDD : 800 MHz, 128MB, 256MB Web Server : Tomcat-Apache Server Database Server : MySQL Database System • Internet connectivity must be available for the device in the form of GPRS or Edge.
  15. 15. Mathematical Model: • We can use Set Theory Analysis to check the feasibility of this model, and reduce it to Threshold Algorithm itself & therefore problem of Threshold Algorithm can be regarded as Non deterministic in Polynomial time-Hard.
  16. 16. Thanking You •Akshay Bhoite – SE IT •Neeral Bhalgat – SE IT •Pratik Rathi – SE IT •Aakanksha Biyani – SE IT •Sanket Bhosale – SE IT •Jay Bhagwat – SE IT