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Integrating the Nuxeo Content Management Platform with Hippo

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Why you would like to have both a CMS and and an ECM platform together, and see the different technical options you are offered to integrate Hippo and Nuxeo

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Integrating the Nuxeo Content Management Platform with Hippo

  1. 1. follow the Hippo trail1CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail1Create Digital @aescaffreIntegrating the Nuxeo ContentManagement Platform with javaor javascript applicationFriday 2013 June 21st, Amsterdam–Hippo GetTogetherAlain Escaffre, Nuxeo Presales and Products director
  2. 2. follow the Hippo trail2CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail2Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo : ECM platform• Nuxeo Platform is a full stack software platform for buildingcontent-centric business applications• Designed for software developers, architects and businessmanagers who create software for internal use or for customers• A foundation for business applications in the areas of contentmanagement, document management, digital asset management,and case management• Trusted by large organizations for mission-critical applications• Nuxeo Platform is created as open source software
  3. 3. follow the Hippo trail3CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail3Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo : the company• Nuxeo supports customers in creating, building, maintaining,deploying and operating apps• Nuxeo covers the full lifecycle of applications:• Application Designer: Nuxeo Studio• Development Environment: Nuxeo IDE (Eclipse), Maven Tooling• Testing Toolset: Unit, Functional (Sl/WebDriver), Performance• Deployment tools: Nuxeo Marketplace, Update Center• We focus on the complete experience for our customers, not justthe software you run• We are based in France, New York and California.
  4. 4. follow the Hippo trail4CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail4Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo, a very good fit !
  5. 5. follow the Hippo trail5CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail5Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo, a very good fit !
  6. 6. follow the Hippo trail6CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail6Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo, a very good fit !• JAVA based• Maven• Freemarker• Pluginsarchitecture• …
  7. 7. follow the Hippo trail7CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail7Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo, a very good fit !
  8. 8. follow the Hippo trail8CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail8Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo and Hippo GetTogether ?Hippo: FrontalWeb ExperienceOnlineMarketingNuxeo: back office :• Document Management• Case Management• Digital Asset ManagementCustomersProspectsEmployeesHR Sales Accounting Marketing
  9. 9. follow the Hippo trail9CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail9Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo and Hippo GetTogether ?
  10. 10. follow the Hippo trail10CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail10Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo and Hippo GetTogether ?
  11. 11. follow the Hippo trail11CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail11Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo and Hippo GetTogether ?
  12. 12. follow the Hippo trail12CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail12Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo and Hippo GetTogether ?
  13. 13. follow the Hippo trail13CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail13Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo Integration options• CMIS• Open Social• Custom java development
  14. 14. follow the Hippo trail14CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail14Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo – Hippo using CMS
  15. 15. follow the Hippo trail15CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail15Create Digital @aescaffreNuxeo remote API: AutomationOrdered set of operationsUsed in:• User Actions• Events• REST Calls• Workflows
  16. 16. follow the Hippo trail16CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail16Create Digital @aescaffreOperationAn Operation Has:• Unique name• Input• Ouput• Parameters
  17. 17. follow the Hippo trail17CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail17Create Digital @aescaffreSome existing use of Automation clientin the CMS/Portal world• Queries• Form creation• Content listing and searchscreens For managing workflows,training scheduling, trainingrequests, etc ….
  18. 18. follow the Hippo trail18CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail18Create Digital @aescaffreA custom operation ? One java class !@Operation(id = CreateDocument.ID, category = Constants.CAT_DOCUMENT, label = "Create",description = "Create a new document in the input folder ...")public class CreateDocument {public final static String ID = "Document.Create";@Contextprotected CoreSession session;@Param(name = "type")protected String type;@Param(name = "name", required = false)protected String name;@Param(name = "properties", required = false)protected Properties content;@OperationMethodpublic DocumentModel run(DocumentModel doc) throws Exception {if (name == null) {name = "Untitled";}DocumentModel newDoc = session.createDocumentModel(doc.getPathAsString(), name, type);if (content != null) {DocumentHelper.setProperties(session, newDoc, content);}return session.createDocument(newDoc);}}
  19. 19. follow the Hippo trail19CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail19Create Digital @aescaffreExemple of an operation- Input: Documents, Document- Output: Documents, Document- Parameter: The name of thetransition to follow- Process:Follows the transition inparameter to the inputdocumentReturns the modifieddocument, which can beused in the next operationExample: “Follow Life Cycle Transition”
  20. 20. follow the Hippo trail20CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail20Create Digital @aescaffreAutomation Client- Easy to include- Doesn’t require to be toomuch of a geek !import org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.model.documents;import org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.Session;public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {HttpAutomationClient client = new HttpAutomationClient("http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation");Session session = client.getSession("Administrator", "Administrator");Documents docs = (Documents) session.newRequest("Document.Query").set("query", "SELECT * FROM Document").execute();System.out.println(docs);client.shutdown();}
  21. 21. follow the Hippo trail21CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail21Create Digital @aescaffreWhat to find in Nuxeo platform• Fully featured repository (complex metadata management,versionning, proxies, mixin, …)• Advanced workflow engine• Conversions services (pdf, videos, images, …)• Search and query engine• Audit service• Higher level services: comments, activity, ....• Media management services
  22. 22. follow the Hippo trail22CreateDigitalMiraclesfollow the Hippo trail22Create Digital @aescaffreQuestion & AnswersThank you so much for your time.Let’s stay in