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Timothy Papandreou - Sustainable Mobility Strategy

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Timothy Papandreou - Sustainable Mobility Strategy

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Timothy Papandreou - Sustainable Mobility Strategy

  1. 1. Our Sponsors
  2. 2. Timothy Papandreou Director Strategic Planning 2013 San Francisco Sustainable Mobility Strategy
  3. 3. Bay Area Region 8 million/8,000 sq. km San Francisco 805,000/121 sq. km California 40 million/423k sq. km San Francisco Bay Area 8 million Los Angeles 19 million San Diego 3 million Sacramento 2 million Central Valley 4 million
  4. 4. 5 Interconnectivity of networks How we are Growing California Integrated Transportation Framework State Regional City
  5. 5. San Francisco by the numbers 121 km2 805thousand citizens More than 1Mpeople each day 600thousand jobs 17M annual visitors 8M Region’s population 65% of region’s transit passengers 2,000 startups in the city 40% of total city trips are regional 30% of the region’s jobs 18% Of all trips are public transit 3:1 Ratio of bicycles to cars on Market St. 17% of all trips are walking 1:2Cars to people Ratio 20% of households are car free 6
  6. 6. 7 State, Regional & Local Policies Policy Integration
  7. 7. 8 In the next 25 years - 35% Increase in Jobs & Housing allocation How we are Growing The number of jobs is projected to grow from 568,724 in 2010 to over 760,000 in 2040. 4,600 housing units are under construction, with 43,000+ in the pipeline How do we grow sustainably?
  8. 8. 9 Significant regional growth from the East Bay and South Bay High Speed Rail connection to SF New and existing travel demand markets How we are Growing
  9. 9. 10 Interconnectivity of networks How we are Growing
  10. 10. A Multimodal Transportation Agency Our Strategic Direction 11
  11. 11. Integrated Public Transit Modes in San Francisco San Francisco Overview 12 Commuter Rail 12.6M Annual Unlinked Trips Systemwide* Heavy Rail 111M Annual Unlinked Trips Systemwide* Ferry 2M Annual Unlinked Trips Systemwide* Light Rail 35M Annual Weekday Boardings Trolley Coach 53M Annual Weekday Boardings Motor Coach 76M Annual Weekday Boardings Paratransit On-call service Cable Car 5M Annual Weekday Boardings Streetcar 6M Annual Weekday Boardings Transit use accounts for 20% of all trips in San Francisco
  12. 12. Integrated Transportation Modes San Francisco Overview Car Share Commuter Shuttles Commercial Deliveries Carpool/Ride Share 13 Walk 24% of all City trips Bicycle 3.5% of all City trips Taxi 1% of all City trips Bicycle Share Regional System opened 2013 Private Autos 54% of all City trips 5% of City transit trips System replaces up to 15,000 autos 10% Bay Bridge users Hybrid electric fleets
  13. 13. Composting & Recycling Renewable Energy Recycled Bio-fuels Electric Transit Green Taxis Green Construction Lead by example in agency sustainability Our Strategic Direction 14 Sustainability In Action
  14. 14. Managing our Key Assets Our Strategic Direction 15
  15. 15. Streamlined OperationsAll Door Boarding Real-time operator/ customer information Signal priority & timing New Fleet Improve operational efficiency to meet current demands Our Strategic Direction 16 Preventative Maintenance Sustainability In Action
  16. 16. Travel ChoicesDemand Pricing Demand Management Vehicle SharingComplete StreetsPriority Transit Infrastructure Support Smart Land-Use Manage future growth demands with our key partners Sustainability in Action 17 Photo: City CarShare
  17. 17. Demand Management Vehicle Sharing StrategySustainability in Action
  18. 18. Partnerships Providers work with City partnerships
  19. 19. Partnerships Providers work with City partnerships
  20. 20. Vehicle Sharing StrategySustainability in Action
  21. 21. New playersSustainability in Action
  22. 22. New players competitionSustainability in Action
  23. 23. New players competitionSustainability in Action
  24. 24. Transit Strategy-improve customer experience for tomorrow’s needs Sustainability in Action 25 • New Muni fleets & customer amenities • Central Subway, Rapid Network, Van Ness BRT and Market Street • Increased capacity, reliability & frequency Location of the Core Capacity Needs & Bottlenecks in the Network
  25. 25. Walking Strategy-city of short trips, better access to & from transit Sustainability in Action • More signal, crosswalk & traffic calming improvements • More complete streets and plazas • More walking amenities from new developments 26 Focus on 70 km of Complete Streets by 2021 =+
  26. 26. Bicycle Strategy-Improve comfort and connectivity-compliment transit Sustainability in Action 27 Network Assessment for Improved Comfort LTS 1 Everyone feels comfortable to ride LTS 2 Adults feel comfortable to ride LTS 3 “Enthused and Confident” will ride LTS 4 Only “Strong and Fearless” will ride
  27. 27. Focus on the 90km of primary corridors Bicycle Strategy-Focus on primary corridors Sustainability in Action 28
  28. 28. Identify Current Gaps & Conditions (comfort) in Network SFMTA , US Census Data, Land-use & gradient analysis Strategic Network Gaps Strategic Gap Closure High Stress Point in Network Bicycle Network
  29. 29. Complete streets designs Sustainable Mobility 30 Sustainability in Action
  30. 30. Expand Parking Demand Management Expanded taxi fleets TDM Strategy- developer agreements & partnerships to augment transit Sustainable Mobility 31 Integrate Public Transit & Private Shuttles Expanded car, bike and scooter sharing availability Sustainability in Action
  31. 31. Too many smart cards make for dumb wallets! Lets go mobile! Sustainable Mobility 32 Sustainability in Action
  32. 32. Existing vehicle sharing, public transit & complete streets Sustainable Mobility 33 Sustainability in Action
  33. 33. TDM Strategy- Integrate vehicle sharing pilots & node opportunities Sustainable Mobility 34 Sustainability in Action Pilot 900 On-street car spaces Pilot 100 bikesharing spaces Pilot 100 E-Bikes with CarShare
  34. 34. 35 TDM Strategy- Vision-vehicle sharing integrated with transit/bicycle nodes Sustainable Mobility 35 Sustainability in Action
  35. 35. 36 TDM Strategy- Vision-vehicle sharing integrated with transit/bicycle nodes Sustainable Mobility 36 Sustainability in Action City Trip Intensity Very High Above Average Average High
  36. 36. Pilot integrated customer experience Sustainability in Action 37
  37. 37. Vehicle-Sharing Vision – Multi-Modal Pod Transportation Demand Management Strategy-vision 2.0 Sustainability in Action 38
  38. 38. 39 Thank you!