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Blogging for business2

How to blog and how to blog for business using social media to build brand awareness and to do get people to come and visit your site in a 'buying frame of mind'

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Blogging for business2

  1. 1. How to find leads of the internet Presented to the BNOW Network at : The Foreign Correspondents Club Bangkok Thailand By Alan Johnston Netmedia Thailand.
  2. 2. Remember search engines want a NOT A:
  3. 3. Remember search engines want a NOT A: Library of information Shopping mall
  4. 4. It’s going to be really hard work Don’t expect overnight results It’s about branding
  5. 5. What you need: Your own domain Your own hosting Your own separate blog Why separate? Business Friendly
  6. 6. It’s about 10% SEO 70% Altruistic content 20% sharing to social media Remember Search engines are robots and they don’t have bank accounts! Write for people!
  7. 7. DO NOT OUTSOURCE BLOGS!! The very essence of social media is engagement and sharing what you know, and developing rapport. Could you confidently write a blog about your soul-mate?
  8. 8. Do not sell Write about what you know and how what you know could help people. At the bottom you always add a CTA Call to action which brings people to your selling site! It’s a kind of magic!
  9. 9. How often to blog? Once a week minimum and sharing to all social media should get a medium strength keyword top of Search engines in 1 month Then share all your blogs to Social media. It takes around 5 years to have 20,000 followers, likes and contacts on social media, OR, find someone with a lot of social media to share your blogs Hmmm I wonder ?
  10. 10. is a FREE article marketing site. Add your Thailand business and then submit an article we then blast that to everyone of our FB groups, pages , twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Rebel mouse, then 5 million daily visitors on Stumble upon, Digg, Redditt, etc. Massive free exposure for you business