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How to use a business directory effectively

How and why Biz-find directories are growing all the time, how they are so different from an ordinary directory and how people are finding genuine leads.

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How to use a business directory effectively

  1. 1. We are all told we need to add our business to business directories right? For our own Search engine optimisation and for the back link. But this gets put on the back burner because we all find other things to do than this mundane task
  2. 2. Let’s face it writing out all the fields and adding what we do is not very exciting is it? Sure we’ll probably get clicks but not as many as our website gets, so give me a better reason to add my business! But what of you really could find business on business directories?
  3. 3. Biz-find business directories spend years developing a business database of self added members We then spend years creating dynamic, interesting content that drives targeted traffic to our sites Then we ask the members to tell us what they want to buy now and we post these leads!
  4. 4. We don’t just upload a tired database of companies we receive many new user added listings each day. Our members keep our site fresh. We write consistent good articles and post our members articles, this brings in a targeted demographic of B2B people.
  5. 5. So three reasons to use a biz-find directory: 1. By adding your business to the directory you get increased ranking on search engines and clicks direct 2. You can educate yourself through reading great articles submitted by your peers 3. Find leads for your business direct
  6. 6. Tap into a biz-find directory near you Just type biz-find into Google you’ll find us! And hopefully your next client too!