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The Tom 2.0 Live History and Background of the Secret Service<br /> In today’s world of 24 hour coverage of news and Polit...
I wish to kill the President
I plan to end the life of the President
I will blow up the President
I choose to create a series of events that will result in the timely death of the President
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The Tom 2 0 Live History Of The Secret Service Option C

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The Tom 2.0 Live History of the Secret Service - Option C

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The Tom 2 0 Live History Of The Secret Service Option C

  1. 1. The Tom 2.0 Live History and Background of the Secret Service<br /> In today’s world of 24 hour coverage of news and Politics, most of us are used to seeing the man and women who serve as the Protection to the President on the news or in Photographs. <br />What many of us here in the United States forget is that these men and women come from an institution that has been around since The Secret Service Division was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency. <br />Yes that’s right it was all about the money, no one cared what the President was doing, there just needed to be a Detail of People working on making sure the Money System of America was working correctly. And people were not perpetuating a fraud to the government.<br />In the first year over $800,000 was recovered by the Agents as being Fraudulent and confiscated and destroyed. After being thoroughly documented.<br />At first things were rocky as it was a new Division within the Government and mistakes were made until came the first commission book and a new badge were issued to operatives in 1875.<br />Hence this is where the phrase, “by the book” originated. Secret Service Agents had to many times during Crime Prevention Investigations needed to consult with the commission book, to see how they should Act, but at least they had shiny new badges to show to the world they belonged to the Secret Service.<br />Page 84 of the Book was here the idea of Evidence based deduction was established that has guided the investigative branch of the Division for decades. This has led to the Secret Service being one of the Branches of Government to have the largest Achieves.<br />8 years later in 1883 the Secret Service was officially acknowledged as a distinct organization within the Treasury Department. For 28 years the Division had been kept a Secret from the American Public. <br />Keeping something Secret from the American Public at that time was not hard, but in this day of 24 hour news service the Details of the Secret Service day to day operations are still clouded in mystery. Who is on Detail that day? Where will they be stationed? When will changeover be? All details that still never make its way to the American Public.<br />At the turn of the centaury Congress informally requested Secret Service Presidential protection following the assassination of President William McKinley. By informal they mean a lovely letter was sent to the Secret Service with Calligraphy and all and has been kept in the Secret Service Archives up to this day.<br />President William McKinley being the 18th President of the United States and best known for his Legislation that enacted The Dakota Split creating the two states North Dakota and South Dakota.<br />The Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for protection of the President in 1902. Two operatives were assigned full time to the White House Detail.<br />Special Agent Bob Ronald, and Special Agent John Jackson where the first operatives to protect the President in 1902 There Journals are kept in the Smithsonian, and will soon be posted on the internet for all Americans to be able to read and check the logs.<br />To fund this growing division the Congress passed Sundry Civil Expenses Act for 1907 that provided funds for Presidential protection by the Secret Service. To date access to the full amount of the Sundry Civil Expenses Act cannot be obtained from the Office of Budgetary Affairs. All requests are Flagged with a Request form 67-J requiring all parties requesting the information give over at least two forms of Identification and the Secret Service know the intention of the use of the information.<br />With a growing sense of worry and the mounting tensions after the Great War or what is now known as World War 1 Congress authorized permanent protection of the president's immediate family and made " threats" directed toward the president a federal violation in 1917.<br />Correct Americans it is a Federal Violation to make a threat to the President<br />Things like<br /><ul><li>I plan to kill the President
  2. 2. I wish to kill the President
  3. 3. I plan to end the life of the President
  4. 4. I will blow up the President
  5. 5. I choose to create a series of events that will result in the timely death of the President
  6. 6. The President shall live no more</li></ul>Are all examples of what could get you in trouble with the Federal Agencies.<br />Over the years other division and law enforcing employees were placed under the supervision of the Secret service. In fact the White House Police Force in 1933 is an example of this.<br />It was in this year that the use of CODENAMES to identify the President was used so the first ever being POTUS or President of the United States, after that one was found out in 10 minutes the Secret Service decided to rotate the use of the Codeword to identify who the President is, so CODENAMES were given to the First Family, and the Chief of Staff and other high ranking officials working in the White House at the time.<br />The first White House Force comprised of 216 men and women who where stationed around the White House Property and within, recognisable by their big shiny badges they had on the chest saying White House Police Force and their badge number.<br />While many people think it was 1947 when Congress enacted legislation that permanently authorized Secret Service protection of the president, his immediate family, the president-elect, and the vice president, if he wishes. (Public Law - 82-79) due to the World War at the time, they are wrong. It was not until 1951.<br />During the Cold war years with Russia the Secret Service main threat to the President was seen as Assignation from the Russian KGB, this lead to many new recruits having the skill set of translation Russian. Many Service Members at the time underwent extensive lessons on the Russian language and Physical attributes of a Russian to help with the detection of any immediate threat to the President. <br />1970 saw White House Police Force renamed the Executive Protective Service and increased its responsibilities to include the protection of diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C., area. (Public Law 91-217). The extra protection of diplomatic missions to this day are still carried out today. <br />However there was a time while in 1974 when the Service needed to protect the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. The Australians kept losing their protection Detail and running off and having fun around town with the American people. Once again “The Book” was consulted and things were worked out.<br />The Executive Protective Service was officially renamed the Secret Service Uniformed Division on November 15, 1977. Now these men and women that stood around the White House in Plain clothes had a cool uniform to dress in to show other people they really were the Police, not just people dressed up with a cool shiny badge on their Chest.<br />The passage of the 1994 Crime Bill Public Law 103-322, in part, revised Title 18 USC Section 470, providing that any person manufacturing, trafficking in, or possessing counterfeit U.S. currency abroad may be prosecuted as if the act occurred within the United States.<br />Meaning if you photocopied a One Dollar Note and printed it out in Australia would you be able to be prosecuted for an American Criminal Offence? And can you be extradited from the country to stand trial for the crime?<br />In 1995 $3.89 Million American Dollars where recovered from the enactment of the Act. 89% of these funds were found to be manufactured in some unknown country from the south (Australia, it was Australia)<br />In 2000 The Presidential Threat Protection Act (Public Law 106-544) was passed, which in part, authorized the Secret Service to participate in the planning, coordination, and implementation of security operations at special events of national significance (" National Special Security Event" ), as determined by the President.<br />Most National Special Security Events require at least 3 months prior notice of the date of the actual event, meaning that over the timeline of the President many Events have been cancelled due to circumstances unforseen. This has also led to some of the most heightened security for these events, so safe and secure a reality TV person can crash the party 9 years later.<br />The National Special Security Event is also most of the time the most Boring parties to go to, because all the cool people and the people that really know how to party are not allowed in due to the Services Most Stringent Protocols.<br />2001. The Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56) increased the Secret Service's role in investigating fraud and related activity in connections with computers. In addition it authorized the Director of the Secret Service to establish nationwide electronic crimes taskforces to assist the law enforcement, private sector and academia in detecting and suppressing computer-based crime; increased the statutory penalties for the manufacturing, possession, dealing and passing of counterfeit U.S. or foreign obligations; and allowed enforcement action to be taken to protect our financial payment systems while combating transnational financial crimes directed by terrorists or other criminals.<br />To this day the Secret Service is still unable to find and Locate Tom 2.0 Live the Digital Assassin and Terrorist for the Pretend Digital Scenarios for Practice for new cadets into the Service. However that is TOP SECRET and cannot be released to the Public.<br />So troubled by this inability of the Secret Service to find this man, The Department of Homeland Security was established with the passage of (Public Law 107-296) which in part, transferred the United States Secret Service from the Department of the Treasury, to the new department effective March 1, 2003. <br />During the years that followed under DHS the Secret Service still preformed its primary duty of Protecting the President. While fitting into a new COMAND structure and flow of informational Obligations by the Secret Service. Still they were unable to find Tom 2.0 Live<br />The Earliest time a Presidential Candidate has been initiated with Secret Service Protection was the Illinois Senator Barack Obama in May 2007. Presidential candidate New York Senator Hillary Clinton already received protection before she entered the race due to her status as former first lady.<br />The Secret Service felt that as the other Democratic Nominee already had Protection they felt there was no difference as to why they should not Protect the other Candidate just in case. Yes the first Official Tom 2.0 Live Death Threat to the President was initiated in April 2007, evidence of this is uploaded to the Internet on YouTube for Evidence<br />Over the Years from 2007 there have been over 2300 Death Threats by <br />Tom 2.0 Live to the President, most of these where while he was working in China teaching students English and Accounting and Business.<br />Here is the First Death Threat recorded for Barack Obama CLICK HERE<br />2008 The Secret Service marked five years under The Department of Homeland Security. Since 2003, the Secret Service made nearly 29,000 criminal arrests for counterfeiting, cyber investigations and other financial crimes, 98% of which resulted in convictions, and seized more than $295 million in counterfeit currency. The Secret Service investigated and closed financial crimes cases where actual loss amounted to $3.7 billion and prevented a potential loss of more than $12 billion.<br />And today they still do not have one Agent with a photograph of them standing next to Tom 2.0 Live arresting him for the assassination attempt of <br />The 44th President of The United States, Barack Obama. <br />Let the Games of the 2010 Assignation Attempt on the President Begin.<br />Alberto Kang<br />Alberto KangSPECIAL AGENT for the Service of SecrecyGOOGLE PROFILETwitter AccountYoutube ChannelWordpress - Alberto Kang GazetteFacebook AccountUSTREAM accountDaily BoothFlickr Account<br />