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Utilizamos tu perfil de LinkedIn y tus datos de actividad para personalizar los anuncios y mostrarte publicidad más relevante. Puedes cambiar tus preferencias de publicidad en cualquier momento. Digital Assets Monthly Report - January 2021

Since November 2020, I produce a Digital Assets Monthly Report for selected digital assets. These include my professional website and social media assets like YouTube, Facebook Page, and Instagram account.

If you've followed me so far, you notice that my reporting template changes each time. My method builds upon the previous iteration.

The aim of this exercise is to help me track my own (organic) digital marketing performance. Some data (like Instagram) would be lost over time. It also helps me record what I've done.

Turning to the Digital Assets Monthly Report for January, it was a month with below-average performance, save for YouTube. That's because in January I shifted my focus to creating simple video content.

If you're just starting out, I encourage you to adapt this report template to help you make data-driven decisions when it comes to your digital assets. These tools serve a business function meant to help you achieve your business objectives.

If you need help or some advice, feel free to reach out to me. My contact is listed at the end of the report.

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  1. 1. DIGITAL ASSETS REPORT January 2021 Report
  2. 2. OVERVIEW AND SUMMARY © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 2 The Facebook Page saw an slight reduction in activities. No doubt more cross-platform promotions would be good to ensure engagement and positive growth of the Page. January 2021 Instagram data were not captured in time. With the lack of activities in January, it is safe to assume that movements were minimal at best. On its own, the website’s performance left much to be desired for. However, there are some improvements compared to the previous month with regards to traffic. One possible contributor would likely be that the Google Analytics tracking code was resolved. Another possible explanation would be the search engine crawlers are starting to interpret the site’s content. YouTube is the best performing social media platform. Positive growth were recorded in all measurements except Impressions Click-through-Rate (CTR). This indicator fell slightly. PLATFORM SUMMARY PERFORMANCE
  3. 3. FACEBOOK ANALYSIS Aldric Tinker Toyad (Link) © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 3
  4. 4. FACEBOOK PAGE STATISTICS 260 Page Followers +2 Followers Gain 9 Posts 322 Post Reach 72 Page Views 6 Post Engagement • The Facebook Page (link) recorded an increase of one new page follower in December 2020. • The page was relatively inactive with only nine posts published in the 31-day period. This represents a decline by 9 posts compared to December 2020. From this decline, the post reach declined by 27.64% to 322. Post engagement declined by 83.78% from 37 to 6. • In the three months of tracking, this represents a steady increase of followers. December recorded highs before declining in January. • The goal for January 2021 will continue to be consistent posts. To achieve this, aim is to have at least 10 posts – either original or shared. © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 4 Source: Facebook Page Insights – Aldric Tinker Toyad
  5. 5. MONTH-ON-MONTH CHANGES Nov-20 Dec-20 Jan-21 Post Engagement 25 37 6 Post Reach 149 445 322 Posts 4 17 9 Page Views 32 29 72 Followers Gain 5 1 2 Page Followers 257 258 260 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Measurement Changes © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 5
  6. 6. TOP 3 POSTS © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 6 January 7th, 2021 s/a.1627291704213513/2896044057338265/ January 7th, 2021 2895955077347163 January 24th, 2021 s/a.1627291704213513/2908055169470487/
  7. 7. WEBSITE ANALYSIS (Link) © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 7
  8. 8. SITE CONTENT STATISTICS 1 Published Pages 13 Published Posts 16 Categories Source: WordPress CRM • had only one published page and thirteen published posts in January 2021. • There were no posts published in January 2021. © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 8
  9. 9. GOOGLE ANALYTICS OVERVIEW Source: Google Analytics • January 2021 recorded three new visitors. At the time, there were only one page and thirteen posts live. • This is insufficient for the search engine to evaluate its usefulness. • Furthermore, the articles ought to be promoted on other social media platforms. © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 9
  10. 10. YOAST SEO POST OVERVIEW • 76.92% of the posts are either OK (4) or Good (6). Three other posts needs improvement or corrective action. • The corrective actions for these posts are unnecessary at the moment as these are video or visual-only posts meant to increase frequency and keep the site updated. © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 10
  11. 11. YOUTUBE ANALYTICS Aldric’s YouTube Channel (Link) © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 11
  12. 12. YOUTUBE STATISTICS © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 12 63 Subscribers 652 Views 18.70 Watch Time (Hrs) 232 Total Content • In January 2021, four videos were uploaded to the YouTube Channel (link). The videos were listed under the Advert Writers Toolkit playlist. That is one of 20 playlists which includes subjects like Copywriting, Public Relations (PR), and Real Estate. • Increase were recorded across the board except the Impressions Click-through-Rate (CTR). Impressions surged by 63.33% while watch time increased from 13.3 hours to 18.7 hours. The number of view increased after the temporary December drop. • YouTube Search was the highest traffic source (64.9%), followed by External (12.1%) and Suggested Videos (6.6%). • The average view duration is 1:43 minutes, an increase of 5%. 8,609 Impressions 4.8 Impression CTR (%) Source: YouTube Channel Analytics
  13. 13. YOUTUBE FUNNEL © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 13
  14. 14. TRAFFIC SOURCES © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 14 Source: YouTube Channel Analytics
  15. 15. ABOUT US Advert Writer & Aldric Tinker Toyad © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 15
  16. 16. ABOUT ADVERT WRITER AND ALDRIC TINKER TOYAD Advert Writer started as a domain name ( purchased in 2013. It became a business after Aldric Tinker Toyad registered it with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in 2018. Advert Writer is a content strategy and digital marketing consultancy. It’s aim is to help small businesses and professionals to increase their visibility and assert their credibility through informative and non-manipulative content. Besides advisory services, Advert Writer’s services and solutions include copywriting, content marketing, and social media assets management. Advert Writer’s customer segments are small businesses and professionals, especially law firms, real estate agencies, clinics and healthcare facilities, as well as personal finance professionals. Aldric Tinker Toyad started writing copy and content from 2006. It began with remotely delivering projects ranging from community blogs, print brochures, as well as websites. Industries Aldric wrote for include broadcasting, real estate, banking, apparel, travel, tourism, and non-government organisations. Apart from copywriting, Aldric’s experience include social media analytics, digital media consulting, and public relations. Aldric’s past roles include stints at Ogilvy Malaysia (Public Relations), Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) Malaysia, Berkshire Media, and Primeworks Studios. His client list includes government-linked companies (GLCs), multinational corporations, government ministries and agencies, and small business. While acting as a Director Consultant with BNI Sarawak Region, Aldric delivered numerous workshops and assisted hundreds of business owners and professionals on network marketing. © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 16
  17. 17. THANK YOU. Connect with me via… @AldricToyad Scan now © 2021 All rights reserved. Aldric Tinker Toyad. (Personal) | (Professional) | (Copywriting). 17