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Alison Young BarCamp Twitter Talk

Slides from the talk I did giving a brief overview of Twitter. Inspired to create and deliver the talk after the many blank looks I received while being on the Registrations desk at BarCamp Sydney when I invited attendees to write both their names and their Twitter names on the nametags.

Special mention to Stephen Collins aka @trib for telling me I should post these here and also because I forgot to mention him on the kudos page.

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Alison Young BarCamp Twitter Talk

  1. The Basic Idea  140 characters  What are you doing?  People you Follow  People who Follow you  Twitter in Plain English - video
  2. How we Twitter  Website-  Instant Messaging- GoogleTalk, Pidgon  Clients- Twhirl, Snitter, OutTwit, TwitterFox...  Mobiles- sms,
  3. 4 Stages of Twitter 1) so my friends keep talking about this Twitter thing, I guess I'll check it out 2) this is stupid, I don't get it, I can't of anything to write 3) I'm finally getting it, holy crap people are following me!! 4) I'm in traction, yet I must Twitter!!