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Pitch of my promotional video

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Pitch of my promotional video

  1. 1. Introduction  For this project I will be creating a promotional video for the creative media course at this college. The video will include information about;1. What kind of things we do on the course2. What facilities there are3. An interview with students and teachers about the course and also their opinions
  2. 2. What do we do on the course?  This will be important to have on the promotional video because it is necessary to show the potential future students what they will be doing for the next two years and give them a general feeling about it. To get the best results I would use whats best about the course rather than a list of bad things.
  3. 3. What facilities are there?  It will also be important to show potential students where they will be working and what kind of things they will be able to use in the facilities e.g. equipment, resources.
  4. 4. Interview with teacher  In the interview with the teacher I will ask questions and things such as;1. What does the course offer?2. What kind of work has to be done?3. What advice can you give about the course? This will help to give people a deeper understanding about the course.
  5. 5. Interview with students  In the interview with the student I will ask questions and things such as;1. What do you like about the course?2. What do you do on the course?3. What is your overall opinion about the course? This will give people a better understanding about the course from a previous/current students point of view.
  6. 6. Storyboard Dramatic start Show around the Interview withsequence where it college teacherpans fromabove/around thecollege1-Show around the Interview with Show what kindcreative media students of resources wefacilities haveShow students Show students End creditsworking work -300
  7. 7. Example video of what I want my video to be like  The way this is filmed is exactly how I wanted mine to be like, although I will be likely to change some things.
  8. 8. Background music  Throughout the promotional video I would also like background music playing, I decided a good one to use would be Best Background Music by David Parsons On the video it says “The track is free to use on all promotional video. I still own the rights to the music, but you are free to use it as long as youre not making loads of money on it lol “ This means I allowed to use it up to a certain extent.
  9. 9. Copyright, confidentiality and considerations  Copyright issues All the images and/or sound and/or video used within the video will be checked for any copyright issues that may occur. Confidentiality issues Any information received by the company/staff will be kept confidential. Consideration for legal, ethical and moral reasons The video will feature no bad language, full-nudity, offensive material to any race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. There will also be no reference to drugs and/or people in respect to libellous content.
  10. 10. Target audience  The target audience of my promotional video will be both males and females aged between 16-18 that would be interested in creative media or going to college.
  11. 11. Crew members  The crew members that I will need in order to create this promotional video include; Cameraman Sound person Editor Students and teachers that could be in the video
  12. 12. Budget  I don’t have a budget since the college will be providing me with the equipment and resources I will need.
  13. 13. Market fit  There are no courses that exactly match the creative media course in any of the nearby colleges. Stockport college etc. have specific parts of the course such as film and television but non with the same areas as Cheadle and Marple.
  14. 14. Project Schedule  This is the order of how I am going to create and edit the promotional video. Asset table – this includes where all the assets have been found and any assets that will be created. Shoot raw video footage – use a video camera to record footage. Import video with evidence in diary – import the video and use a diary of how everything was done as evidence. Edit video using software – edit the video footage using Adobe Premier pro/elements with a fully illustrated diary. Export video with evidence – export the video to be used on the web, DVD and as a presentation with a report/evidence in a diary of how everything was done. This should all be complete by April/May time.

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