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Project schedule

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Project schedule

  1. 1. Project ScheduleProposal–this proposal is to inform the client and to help with organising what I will do and what Iwill include in the project etc.Requirements of working to a brief–this gives me an idea of the different kinds of briefs and howthey work and what the differences are between them.Brief–this is the actual brief that I will be creating and will be showing to the client.SWOT analysis–this analysis outlines the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities ofcreating and working on the project.Gantt chart–this helps manage my time by showing what must be done and when.Project schedule–this is like a more detailed Gantt chart.Risk assessment–this shows any back up plans and also any health and safety issues to ensure theproject is completed on time.Identify target audience–this helps to give an understanding about the audience, competitors andwhere the product will be placed in the market.Questionnaire–this is to gain insight into what would make a successful video to promote creativemedia and gather feedback.Planning for advert–this includes brainstorming, storyboards, scripts, sketches, shot logs and moodboards.Produce proposal–then create another proposal with the target audience, resources, personnel andschedule etc.Develop a presentation–after the proposal as a team we must develop a pitch for the product.Production meeting + report–this is to outline and changes that may be made to be produced as thefinal product.Asset table–this includes where all the assets have been found and any assets that will be created.Shoot raw video footage–use a video camera to record footage.Import video with evidence in diary– import the video and use a diary of how everything was doneas evidence.Edit video using software–edit the video footage using Adobe Premier pro/elements with a fullyillustrated diary.Export video with evidence–export the video to be used on the web, DVD and as a presentation witha report/evidence in a diary of how everything was done.
  2. 2. Questionnaire for people’s responses–create a questionnaire to collect people who watched thevideo opinions.Evaluation of final product–this reflects the final product and the production skills used and mustalso include industry practice, constraints experienced, management and product.