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Dr. Max HuiBonHoa GFC Reference Letter

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Dr. Max HuiBonHoa GFC Reference Letter

  1. 1. To Whom It May Concern June, 2016 Re: Mr Alex Hui Bon Hoa Alex came to Guizhou Forerunner College (GFC) in Guizhou, China in August, 2015, and has been with us until now. He plans to leave at the end of this summer. Guizhou Forerunner College is a private, non-profit making post-secondary technical college that aims at providing high-quality education to students from rural areas in Guizhou and elsewhere in the country. Every year, the College recruits a number of volunteers from all over the world, and many of these come to Guizhou for a year or two to teach English and to provide help in other areas. Alex is one of these volunteers. In the last nine months or so, he has proved himself to be a devoted, hardworking and responsible teacher. He is organized, efficient, and delivers his lessons in a clear, succinct, and systematic manner. His classes are well-planned, innovative, creative, and provide a lot of opportunities for students to interact with each other. I have observed a few of his classes over the year, and have truly enjoyed them. Outside the classroom, Alex spends a lot of time with his students and is very popular among them. Besides giving them extra tutorials, he is often seen eating with students in the cafeteria or playing sports with them in the gym. He is a keen basketball player and practices with his students on a daily basis. He also runs a Frisbee club that has attracted much interest. As a colleague, Alex is sociable, collegial, and helpful. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, and is willing to go the extra mile, when there is a need to do so. He is well liked by other foreign volunteers as well as the local Chinese staff. He has also formed deep and sturdy friendships with several colleagues. Alex has matured a great deal as a result of his volunteering experience at GFC. He has developed a deeper understanding of how people from different social and cultural backgrounds behave, and how they act (or react) in various situations; he has gained a greater awareness of his own strengths and limitations; he has also acquired useful skills that will stand him in good stead in the long run – for example, his …2
  2. 2. teaching skills has been honed, his spoken and written Chinese has greatly improved. I’m sure he will bring what he has gained this year – cross-cultural sensitivity, self-awareness, as well as pedagogical and language skills – to the next stage in his life, to his next job. Alex is a young man with tremendous potentials. He is a gifted teacher and a wonderful person. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a great asset to any prospective employer. I recommend him without reservation. Yours sincerely, Max Hui-Bon-Hoa Max Hui-Bon-Hoa, PhD Director English Education Center Guizhou Forerunner College Guizhou, China (Former) Senior Lecturer & Acting Director Centre for Applied English Studies University of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR, China

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