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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  1. Written by Robert Louis Stevenson Prepared by: Alia Annesa binti Mohamad Muzafar (AM1607000759) Danish Nurqistina binti Mohd Latiff (AM16070008561)
  2. WHAT IS SETTINGS?  Environment in which a story or event takes place.  Include specific information about time and place.  Can simply be descriptive.
  3. I. Soho, London  Population that seemed to have been born wearing wool overcoats and unsmiling expressions. Evidence “He would be aware of the great field of lamps of a nocturnal city; then of a figure of a man walking swiftly; then of a child running from the doctor’s; and then these met”
  4. 2. Victorian Era Many servants, and a discrepancy between the rich and poor. Evidence Dr. Jekyll become more caring towards others and it tells us why he decided to let Hyde come out.
  5. 3. Historical Conditions Off Life in London Upper classes focused on cushioning life with luxurious home Enforced modes of etiquette Evidence Jekyll lives in a rich street while Hyde lives in a poor street. Also, when people quickly learn about Hyde they begin to
  6. CHAPTER 6: REMARKABLE INCIDENT OF DR LANYON  Setting: Mr. Utterson’s house.  Mr Utterson wrote to Dr Jekyll complaining about his absence from the dinner with the doctors. The next day, he received a long letter from Dr Jekyll explaining about how the doctors are avoiding him because of his different views and unethical ways in the science field.  Evidence: “As soon as he got home, Utterson sat down and wrote to Jekyll, complaining of his exclusion from the house,…”
  7.  Setting: Mr Utterson’s house   Mr Utterson was leisuring infront of his fireplace when suddenly his butler, Poole said that he is worried about Dr Jekyll. So they both decided to go to his house to check on him.  Evidence: “When Mr Utterson was sitting by his fireside one evening after dinner, when he was surprised to receive a visit from Poole.”  Setting: Dr Jekyll’s house  When Mr Utterson and Poole arrived there, all the house staffs were gathering together as they were afraid and worried about Dr Jekyll. When Mr Utterson tried to go and talk with him, he doesn’t want to meet anyone. Then suddenly, a silhouette was seen running to the back garden. Mr Utterson, Poole and Dr Jekyll’s house staffs chases the person. “The hall, when they entered it, was brightly lighted up;…”  CHAPTER 8: THE LAST NIGHT
  8.  Setting: Back Garden of Dr Jekyll’s house  When Mr Utterson and Poole broke in the cabinet at the back garden, they saw a body twitching on the ground. It was Mr Hyde but in Dr Jekyll’s clothes.  Evidence: “The scud had banked over the moon, and it was now quite dark.” “Poole swung the axe over his shoulder, the blow shook the building…”  Setting: At The Business Table of Dr Jekyll’s house  An envelope was left at the table and it is a letter from Dr Jekyll to Mr Utterson. The letter explains everything about himself and Mr Hyde.  Evidence: “Next, they turned to the business table. On the desk among the neat array of papers, a large envelope was uppermost and bore, in the doctor’s hand, the name of Mr Utterson.”
  9.  CHAPTER 9: DR LANYON’S NARRATIVE  Setting: 9th January, Dr Lanyon’s house  Dr Lanyon received a letter from Dr Jekyll saying that a man will come to his house tonight on behalf of his name. When the man arrived, Dr Lanyon creeped out by the weird man but played it cool. Then the man takes a bottle of liquid from his drawer and drink the bottle. Suddenly, then man changes to Dr Jekyll and Dr Lanyon died of shock seeing the transformation.  Evidence: “On the ninth of January, now four days ago, I received by the evening delivery a registered envelope…”
  10.  CHAPTER 10: HENRY JEKYLL’S FULL STATEMENT OF THE CASE  Setting: Mr Utterson’s house  Dr Jekyll’s full statement about all the events had happened. He stated that he made a potion because he was experimenting to try to be a bad person but the experiment failed as his alter ego, Mr Hyde was trying to take over his body. In the end, it is unknown whether Dr Jekyll is dead or still alive or Mr Hyde has taken his body completely.