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Swisslys Business Model Canvas

Swisslys Business Model Canvas.
My luxury everywhere, design, technology, smart accessories, wearables, innovation, scent transmission, swiss, limited collections, fragrance, cosmetic, fashion, golden, quality, perfection, art, style, rarity, uniqueness.

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Swisslys Business Model Canvas

  1. 1. A WILL TO INNOVATE IN THE COSMETIC LUXURY MARKET Business Model Canvas ©Copyright A.G.Torrico
  2. 2. Luxuryfashion consumers Smart Accesories consumers Avant-Garde.early adopters & non- conformist Millennials and young luxury consumers Mobility & Exclusivity Fusion of Technology, Luxury& Design Exclusivity:Cosmetic Limited Collections & Smart Accesories Innovation and Rarity Embracingthe Digital Revolution Product Sales ExclusivePromotions Partnerships Branded Events High Margin Materials, Production, Distribution Marketing Salary E-commerce Social Media Influencers Brand Ambassadors Crowdfunding Distributors LuxuryEvents Web Page & Blog Social Networks Crowdfunding ExclusiveEvents Customers Co- creation Branding Designing R&D Marketing & Events SupplyChain Streamlining Investors Production & Logistics Wholesale & Retail distributors Brand Design R&D Business Model Unique materials & scents SWISSLYS Business Model Canvas ©Copyright A.G.Torrico 1
  3. 3. ©Copyright A.G.Torrico Company Concept Created in 2016 with technology in development since 2016. Swisslys® is a Swiss registered Brand Product Limited collections of a Luxury Cosmetic in combination with Smart Accessories & Wearables Markets Luxury Market & Smart Accessories: CHF 1.5 B of addressable sales (5 years sales) USP Fusion of Technology, Luxury & Design, embracing the Digital Revolution Tech & IP Cosmetic formulae. Design. R&D smart Accessories and wearables Partners Labs & R&D Team Highly experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and advisors World experts in design, rare scents and lab formulae Financing 250 K CHF for start up founding Your luxury everywhere 2
  4. 4. ©Copyright A.G.Torrico Visit Us