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SiriusDecisions Case Study with Splunk

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SiriusDecisions Case Study with Splunk

  1. 1. Leveraging Storytelling & Financial Justification to Close the Value Gap Ben Harris Manager, Global Field Enablement
  2. 2. About Splunk? IT Operations Applications Dev. and Management Security & Compliance Business Analytics Digital Intelligence Internet of Things/Industrial Data $302M revenue > 1,000 employees > 7,000 customers 34% annual growth
  3. 3. Sales Challenges? New Sales Rep Ramp Up Evolve from Product Pitches/IT Focus… to Value Conversations and Business Focus Engage Earlier and Higher < 10 months ~15% = value focused +300 new sales reps
  4. 4. What is Disruptive Selling? Barriers Buyer Centric Value Messaging Insights + Quantification Guidance & Tools Training & Coaching
  5. 5. Buyer Centric Value Messaging, Insights & Quantification? Buyers Differentiating Features Challenges Key Improvements / Proof Points Benefits Pain Points / KPIs “Cost of Do Nothing” Solutions Cost Savings Productivity / Process Improvements Risk Avoidance Revenue Growth
  6. 6. Sales Tools? Guided Selling ValueStory® Guided Value Conversation Value Storytelling + Dynamic Insights Value Quantification + Digital Whiteboards + Customer Intelligence iPad Enabled Sales Reps Suite of 10+ Selling Efficiency & Effectiveness Apps
  7. 7. Value Messaging & ValueStory Development Process? PPT & Spreadsheet PrototypesValue Matrix™ Builder ValueStory® Play
  8. 8. Training & Coaching? Awareness & Guidance Role Play Workshops Expert Coaching & Support Usage Measurement & Customer Intelligence
  9. 9. Success Measurements?  Adoption & Usage  New Hire Ramp Up Time  Improved Productivity  Reduction in Stalled Pipeline  Sales Cycle Acceleration  Reduced Discounting  Improved Win Rates
  10. 10. Deployment Challenges? Technical Readiness & Support Continuous Learning + Program Evolution Deal Support Behavior Change Volume of New Hires
  11. 11. The Bottom Line
  12. 12. Leveraging Storytelling & Financial Justification to Close the Value Gap Ben Harris Manager, Global Field Enablement