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The Exaggerated Death of the B2B Sales Rep - Mediafly + Brainshark - Sales Enablement + Sales Readiness

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Three years ago Forrester pronounced the “Death of the B2B Sales Rep”, boldly predicting that 1 million B2B salespeople would be displaced by 2020.

Their belief, as B2B buyers favor digital self-service they will by-pass sales reps, especially those that are not adding value to their buying experience.

Now, three years on, the forecast from Forrester is still gloomy, with faster than anticipated disintermediation.

Every B2B sales and enablement leader needs to be asking themselves the following critical questions:

Are we starting to see this with our buyers?

Is my sales organization delivering the type of value our buyers want?

What should we be doing to ensure that this does not happen with our field-force?

Jim Ninivaggi, ex Sales Enablement Practice lead for SiriusDecisions and Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, will have a lively debate, helping answer these important questions and more, providing a roadmap to address this potential Tectonic shift and help you avoid the death of the B2B Sales Rep.

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The Exaggerated Death of the B2B Sales Rep - Mediafly + Brainshark - Sales Enablement + Sales Readiness

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018, Mediafly, Inc. All rights reserved The Exaggerated Death of the B-to-B Sales Rep? 1 Jim Ninivaggi Chief Readiness Office @jninivaggi Thomas Pisello Chief Evangelist @tpisello
  2. 2. One MillionB2B sales reps will lose their jobs by 2020 Death of the B2B Sales Rep? +10% of the 4.5 million B2B sales agents 22% -33% -25% -15% (Forrester)
  3. 3. Selling Relevancy in a Digital Age? 2 million Licensed agents in US (ARELLO 6% growth over next 10 years (Bureau of Labor & S Unique Insights Prescriptive Advice Facilitate Journey
  4. 4. The New Facts of B-to-B Buying? 62 % report they can finalize a vendor list or selection solely based on digital content, and this “do more on your own” trend has been accretive (Forrester) 60%of B2B buyers preferred not to interact with a sales rep as their primary source of information (Forrester)
  5. 5. Sellers are Struggling to Meet Expectations? 21%Of buyers / customers view interactions with sales reps as low-value (Forrester) 80%of sales conversations are still about pitching products & services, with only 20% focused on buyer’s specific needs and potential outcomes (Forrester) 64%of B2B executives DON’T believe that reps understand their business problems and offer clear solutions for their unique needs (Forrester)
  6. 6. Digital vs. Sales Reps? SiriusDecision 6 8 9 5 6 8 CommitteeConsensusIndependent B-to-B Buyer Interactions Non-Human Human SelectionSolutionEducation Sales Rep Interactions 49% 62% 67% 42% 56%55% 38% 53% 54% Independent Consensus Committee Independent Consensus Committee Independent Consensus Committee Percentage of the 1,005 respondents who reported that they or someone from their organization received information from the sales repfrom the winning provider organization (vendor) to help inform their decision at that phase. # 1 Sales Presentations = most meaningful content 25%Complete the purchase digitally, with especially complex decisions requiring seller involvement SiriusDecisions
  7. 7. 7 Non-linear / sequential CEB / Gartner - 2017 Time Spent in Decision Making Process 27% 18% 22% 17% 16% Researching online Researching offline (peers + analysts) Meeting with internal buying team Meeting with potential suppliers Other
  8. 8. Driving Seller Relevancy? Content & Conversations Capability & Credibility Coaching & Confidence Diagnose Discover Prescribe Outcomes
  9. 9. Content & Conversations?
  10. 10. Capability & Credibility? Perpetual Readiness Interactive Personali zed Up to date Prescripti ve Value
  11. 11. Coaching & Confidence? Practice and feedback Human & machine analysis
  12. 12. Next Steps? Content & Conversation Capability & Credibility Coaching & Confidence From Pitch to Purpose Evolved Selling Roadmap & Diagnostic Value messaging Financial justification & Outcomes Skills Education Content Find, Freestyle & Fuel Interactive Tools Assist Perpetual training Practice and feedback Validate and reinforce positive outcomes The Rebirth of the B2B Sales Rep: Transitioning to Relevancy Sales Enablement + Sales Readiness
  13. 13. Copyright © 2018, Mediafly, Inc. All rights reserved Q&A 13 Jim Ninivaggi Chief Readiness Office @jninivaggi Thomas Pisello Chief Evangelist @tpisello