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Open Sourcing Social Change

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If the vision of the social sector is that it will solve our world's most "wicked" problems, the social sector is set up wrong. In this presentation, Alison Gold of Living Cities, proposes open sourcing social change as a strategy for reorienting the sector away from the advancement of organizations, and toward maximizing impact. Closing presentation to the DC Lean for Social Good Summit on March 26, 2014.

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Open Sourcing Social Change

  1. 1. Open Sourcing Social Change Alison Gold Assistant Director of Knowledge & Impact, Living Cities Lean for Social Good Summit March 26, 2014 @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  2. 2. Vision for the Future: Maximize Social Impact Source: Lumley, Tris. “Structural Revolution and the Social Sector.” Stanford Social Innovation Review: March 13, 2014. Online at: @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  3. 3. How the Social Sector Works Today Source: Lumley, Tris. “Structural Revolution and the Social Sector.” Stanford Social Innovation Review: March 13, 2014. Online at: @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  4. 4. @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  5. 5. @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  6. 6. Traditional Approach Open Sourcing Social Change Leadership is about the organization Leadership is about the problem-solving network Expert Orientation (comes with solutions) Learning Orientation (comes with questions, seeking insight) Treats assumptions as facts Articulates and tests assumptions Shares when things are “done” Shares as thinking evolves Sees knowledge as a product that comes after they’ve done the work Sees knowledge as a process for doing the work Seeks credit Seeks to contribute Oriented toward advancing organizations and individuals Oriented toward advancing solutions @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  8. 8. Background • Living Cities harnesses the collective power of philanthropy and financial institutions to improve the lives of low-income people and the cities where they live. • Organization was 20+ years old but had undergone a major reboot. • 20-25 full time staff • Offices in 4 cities, virtually all staff travel. • Teams of 3-5 individuals with focus on • Capital Innovation • Collective Impact • Public Sector Innovation • Knowledge & Evaluation • Finance & Administration
  9. 9. The Blog Experiment @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  10. 10. @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  11. 11. 11 @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  12. 12. What We’re Learning About Embedding Open Sourcing Social Change Behaviors Start Just Do Something Evolve Exploring, Planning & Articulating Operationalize Implementing, Improving Institutionalize Embedding in processes Individual Individual/Team Individual/Team/ Organization Individual/Team/ Organization
  13. 13. @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC LEADERSHIP IS CHANGE AT THE PACE PEOPLE CAN STAND.
  14. 14. @AKGold11 @Living_Cities #leanimpact #OSSC
  15. 15. Alison Gold Assistant Director of Knowledge & Impact Living Cities Phone: 646-442-2238 Email: Twitter: @AKGold11, @Living_Cities Hashtag: #OSSC Web: Say Hello & Share What You’re Learning!