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Pain and tj leaflet new ver

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Pain and tj leaflet new ver

  1. 1. Parents Against Injustice Chris Smith has been PAIN Secretary since 2004. Chris was caught in care proceedings and sadly lost his sons through adoption. His only contact now is a Mission statement twice yearly update. Chris has campaigned tirelessly We provide families with the suppor t and unders tanding since joining us in 2003 and as a result has increased at a time when the y need it mos t much media attention including several major articles written in the Daily Telegraph. This hasWho are w e? resulted in one county having a full investigation into procedures.Parents Against INjustice (PAIN) assists families Trevor Jones is involved on the campaign side of PAINcaught up in care proceedings and campaigns for highlighting the problems within the present childreform on their behalf. The group was founded by protection system with letters published in TheSue Amphlett in 1985 but was disbanded in 2000 Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Observer, Sundaywhen vital funding was withdrawn. However the Telegraph and many local and regional papers. Heneed for its service remains. The organisation in its has written PAIN submissions to recent governmentpresent guise relies on volunteers who offer their consultations and was instrumental in co-ordinatingtime to promote the group. a multi organisational response to the Child CareThe group has dealt with nearly 13000 cases over its history. It helps Proceedings Review in November the very real needs of supporting and advising parents who find What is being said?themselves wrongly accused of child abuse or neglect. It helps familiesbecome aware of their legal rights, assists them in finding lawyers and On 4th March 2005, Justice Sir Michael Collins in the Royal Courts of Justiceoffers support in trying to recover from an experience of a system made the following statement when he was considering the case of Professorwhich often leaves them feeling abused themselves. David Southall, who falsely accused Stephen Clark of murdering his son. “He did it (accused Stephen Clark) because he formed a view and he (Prof Southall) did what he (Prof. Southall) believed was in the best interest of the child. It is not in is the Chairperson and was part of theAlison Stevens any childs best interest to make an allegation against an innocent parent basedoriginal PAIN organisation. During the late 1980s on limited information, for that child to then be removed from loving parents, thatAlison faced the loss of her own children after is in itself, abuse"wrongly being accused of harming her son. It had "Doctors opinions are merely that - ‘opinions’. Rarely can a doctor prove histranspired that her son was suffering from brittle diagnosis with definitive pathological tests. There may be many causes forbones disease and that she had not caused injuries particular signs and symptoms. But, once a Doctor has made a diagnosis of non-to her son. Luckily Alison managed to keep her accidental injury, other possible underlying causes are no longer investigated, such as birth trauma or congenital defects."children. She felt that without the help and support Sue Amphlett - PAIN (Parents Against Injustice)given to her by PAIN that she would not havesurvived the ordeal. Since then Alison has “We are facing closed minds in the judiciary and no assistance from any officialcampaigned tirelessly on behalf of families and source…if social services find a child in a situation where the adults are less thanlobbying MPs. She has done radio and TV interviews. perfect; they put the child in care”. Bill Bache – Solicitor for Angela Canning Oct 2004
  2. 2. Contact us:-“Parents who have been through the social services mill talk of hostile socialworkers, biased reporting of meetings and contact sessions, failure to supplymemos and records of telephone calls on request and selection of material toshow to the court that shows birth parents in the worst light”. By email:-Cassandra Jardine – Daily Telegraph Jan 2005 alison.stevens4@tesco.netWe understand that families faced in this situation often fear the worst and all toooften are unaware of their rights and how to cope. By Telephone:-We continue to lobby Parliament and in the course of this work have had 0116 2602855meetings with Earl Howe among others.Our aim is to ensure “fair play” for families caught in care proceedings. We aim toensure that local authorities, professionals including doctors, psychologists andfamily assessment centres follow strict procedures and treat you with dignity. Presented by: PAIN - Parents Against InjusticeWe make no judgement about your case. We accept that not all families areinnocent. We take no sides except for the child and we are committed to thechild’s/children’s best interest. However, we are only too aware of families’ rightswhich are often overlooked by local authorities and family assessments.Here to help:If you need advice or guidance then please contact us. It may save you from thelosing the most important possessions in your life. We are happy to help.We feel the only way we can fight this is for families to come together with theircases. This can identify a failing in the system.You can email your case to us. All identities must be protected and we can addthis to our website.We need volunteers to assist us in our campaign. You too could be helping otherfamilies in a similar situation. Please feel free to look at our website:
  3. 3. Parents against injustice PAIN A Public Information Leaflet