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Pearls and Powder

  2. *Waving the gun*
  3. *We hear the cup being put on the table*
  4. *We hear the cup being put on the table*
  5. *Takes the lighter out of his pocket*
  6. *Lights the cigar*
  7. Nina: Why now?
  8. Silas: I think he’s disappointed that you didn’t come home.
  9. Silas: It’s been 5 years already...
  10. Silas: You belong to the family.
  11. Nina: Ah! I thought dad made himself clear that I wasn’t part of the family anymore.
  12. Silas: It’s not that easy.
  13. Maid 1: Your father went out of his way to organize this wonderful party for you! Maid 2: Oh my! Look how cute you are!
  14. Silas [behind the door]: Nina.
  15. Silas: Your father wants to see you.
  16. Nina: Dad!
  17. Father: Nina, you’re so pretty! This dress suits you well.
  18. Father: Happy birthday sweetie.
  19. Father: Here is you present. Take good care of it.
  20. Nina: Thank you dad!
  21. *We hear the father squatting down*
  22. Father: Tonight, I’d like you to do something for me Nina.
  23. Nina: Of course dad, I’ll do anything you want!
  24. Father: Perfect.
  25. Father: We will play a game.
  26. Father: Listen to me closely...
  27. Nina: Would you like something stronger?
  28. *Messy room*
  29. Nina [off]: How’s mom?
  30. Silas: She was sick for a while. Now she’s fine.
  31. Nina: Good.
  32. Nina: And you?
  33. Silas: I’m good.
  34. Nina: I’m asking you how you’re doing, and that’s all you have to say?
  35. Nina [off]: Come on Sil’! I know you never had a way with words but...
  36. Nina: ...what else could we do?
  37. Nina: Dig a hole in the backyard?
  38. Nina: The neighbors will natter you know?
  39. Silas: *laughs*
  40. Silas: This is not a game Nina.
  41. Nina: Trust me Silas,
  42. Nina: I’ve never took this kind of things as games.
  43. *SCRRRCHH - Ripping the wrapping paper up*
  44. *SCRRRCHH - Nina’s opening the present next to Diego, her fiancé*
  45. Diego [off]: I saw you looking at the birds in the garden last time...
  46. Diego: So I thought you might like it.
  47. Nina: Yes I like it a lot! Thank you Diego.
  48. *The music starts*
  49. Nina: Would you like to dance?
  50. Diego: *stuttering* Oh huum... Yes why not.
  51. Nina: Great!
  52. Nina: Let’s go!
  53. *Nina and Diego are dancing in the middle*
  54. *Nina’s father chatting*
  55. *Silas looks at Nina and Diego*
  56. *He follows them with his gaze*
  57. *The music stops*
  58. Diego: Why did the music stop?
  59. Diego: That’s weird...
  60. Diego: Anyway, let’s go eat then!
  61. Diego: Come on!
  62. *Hand goes in the dress’ pocket*
  63. *Same ribbon that on her dad’s present*
  64. *Loud BANG! - Blood splashes*
  65. Diego: *confused*
  66. Diego: Ni...
  67. *Coughs blood*
  68. *Falls on the ground*
  69. *She’s stunned - Breathing heavily*
  70. *She’s stunned - Breathing heavily*
  71. *She’s stunned - Breathing heavily*
  72. *Silent - Nobody seems to panic*
  73. *We hear Diego [off] struggling to breath and trying to call Nina*
  74. *Blood and tears - Breathing Painfuly*
  75. *Blood and tears - Breathing Painfuly*
  76. *Blood and tears - Breathing Painfuly*
  77. *She’s terrified - Her breathing intensifies*
  78. *She’s terrified - Her breathing intensifies*
  79. *She’s terrified - Her breathing intensifies*
  80. *She’s terrified - Her breathing intensifies*
  81. *Hand slowly goes IN and strokes her head*
  82. *Kiss*
  83. *She stars calming down a bit - Still hardly breathing*
  84. Father: Come on Nina.
  85. Father: You can’t let him suffer like this.
  86. Father: When we play...
  87. Father: ...we do it...
  88. Father: ...all the way.
  89. Father: ...all the way.
  90. *Diego is still in pain* *We hear Nina sobbing*
  91. *POV getting more and more blurry with her tears*
  92. *BANG!*