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Therapeutic Innovations
& Bio-business
Freiburg im Breisgau
The right place
in europe to boost
your bio-business!
1 	RD project  financial engineering
2 	Business opportunitie...
+33 (0)3 90 40 30 00
Parc d’Innovation
9, bld Gonthier...
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Alsace BioValley booklet

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Alsace BioValley booklet

  1. 1. Howtoboost yourbio-business! Therapeutic Innovations
  2. 2. Therapeutic innovations & Bio-business G E R M AN Y SWITZERLAND Freiburg im Breisgau Offenburg Karlsruhe Basel LörrachMulhouse Colmar Strasbourg Zürich When science drives business… Technology transfer agencies Bio-incubators and labs infrastructures Scientific platforms providing state-of-the-art scientific services to the industry and to academics (screening, ADME, spectroscopy, NMR, phenotyping, clinical research…) World-class public research Easy access to capital: business angels, ventures, capital development 40% of the biggest Pharma in the world are located in the trinational area France, Germany and Switzerland rank among the top 4 for the production of medication FRANCE Upper Rhine regional data A talent pool of 50,000 people working in life sciences 15,000 scientists 100,000 students 600 life sciences companies: 350 “Pharma/Biotech“ 250 “Medical Devices” 10 universities and university institutes dedicated to life sciences 30 qualified technology platforms for scientific services 11 life sciences parks ThinkEurope, ThinkAlsace! welcome to the Alsace region In the heart of Europe! a trinational environment with a unique concentration of services businesses dedicated to life sciences will maximize your growth.
  3. 3. Alsace The right place in europe to boost your bio-business! 1 RD project financial engineering 2 Business opportunities 3 Partners/Technologies/Patents identification and matchmaking 4 Advice on business establishment 5 Easy access to a network of partners, scientific experts qualified service providers 6 Scientific and market information Alsace BioValley is the coordinator of BioValley, one of the largest life science clusters in Europe, covering France, Germany and Switzerland Alsace BioValley is one of the three French worldwide competitiveness cluster officially acknowledged by the French government with the label «Healthcare» Alsace BioValley Cluster Free dedicated services to make your business easier ! Thanks to a network of 11 regional economical partners, Alsace BioValley cluster offers a wide range of free services to support all development phases of your projects: Free! A business advisor 100% dedicated to your company Within the Alsace BioValley cluster, you will be in contact with a dedicated scientific/business advisor. He/She will advise you and follow your development project through all phases, free of charge. He/She will also be your key contact when dealing with the other 11 partners of the cluster. Speed and simplicity are our objectives! France ranks 1st in Europe and 5th in the world as the most economically attractive country In France, the time necessary to set up a company is among the shortest in the world Data: KPMG / Invest in France Agency Bonus! An exceptional quality of life: multilingual educational structures, efficient organizations welcoming new-comers, multimodal accessibility (international airports, high-speed train lines, the Rhine River, 1st commercial inland waterway in Europe), multicultural traditions, outdoor activities… SAVE MONEY! Your business can claim back up to 50% of its RD expenditures as tax credit Up to 60% of RD cooperation projects may be funded with public aid SAVE TIME! Take advantage of the Alsace BioValley cluster experts! Free high-quality advice to help build and fund your RD projects, speeding up your business development or establishing your subsidiary EXPANDFASTER! In Alsace, all life science players are located within one compact area. All the partners you need are within a short driving distance (90 ’) Alsace, an open window to the European market which represents 30% of the world pharmaceutical market The Alsace BioValley cluster brings together, in Alsace, all life sciences healthcare players (companies, research centres, training organisations and universities)
  4. 4. Contact +33 (0)3 90 40 30 00 Parc d’Innovation 9, bld Gonthier d’Andernach F-67400 ILLKIRCH With the support of sept09• Economic Development Agency of the Alsace Region Innovative enterprise incubator Technology industries and business incubator nurturing innovating start-ups Promotion of innovation in Alsace Operation and coordination of Cluster activities Economic development agency «Bas-Rhin» district Economic development agency «Haut Rhin» district 11 complementary partners serving the development of the Life-Healthcare sector in Alsace INCUBATEUR D'ALSACE Technology transfer and innovation European Community Business and Innovation Center Chamber of Commerce and Industry High tech and RD dedicaded Technopark