Marketing plan of coca cola

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Marketing plan of coca cola

  1. 1. Marketing Plan of Coca-Cola1. Marketing Plan 2011 (Proposal) By: Suleman Zafar FAST Business School2. Objective for 20113. “ to increase sales of coca-cola by 3% ”4. “ to create High Visibility of coca-cola ”5. “ make coca-cola favorite brand among youth ”6. Paint the Town Red with COKE7. Objective of Activity “ Objective is to create High Visibility of coca-cola ”8. 3 phases Merchandising… Area Storming… Wall Painting…9. Phase 1… Merchandising… Soft Merchandising Permanent Merchandising10. Regular merchandising Directional signs Shelf Separators Shelf TalkersPosters Racks11. Permanent merchandising Cash counter Branding Available Here Signs SunShades Gondolas Racks12. Must Win Channels International Modern Trade Outlets Local Modern TradeOutlets Traditional Trade Outlets13. MAXIMIZEVISIBILITY14. International Local Modern Local Elements Modern Trade Category GondolaCounter Entrance branding Shopping bag branding Branding V-endBranding Shelf Separators Directionally Signs Branding One WayVision15. International Local Modern Local Poles Branding Elements Modern TradeTrolley Branding Bunting Shelf Talkers Wind chimes FloorGraphics Posters Mobiles16. Phase 2… Area Storming…17. Area Storming…All efforts in one particular area at one time18. Elements of Area Storming… Branded Busses Bus Stop Branding StreamersBanners Rickshaws Cutouts Green Belt Decorations Tree Branding Road SafetyMessage19. Gulberg Cavalry Ground Bharia Town Muslim Town Garden Town JoharTown Model Town Faisal Town Samna bad Mozang Shadman ChaburjiTownship Mughalpura Dharampura CanttSadar Garri Shau Iqbal Town Libertymarket Eden Canal Green City Paragon City Valencia PCSIR20. Phase 3… Wall Painting…21. Wall Painting Opportunities in Lahore22. if you are coming from Khalid butt chowk towards firdous market (CavalryMarket)23. if you are coming from firdous market towards Khalid butt chowk (CavalryMarket)24. SKM Hospital towards Allah hoo Chowk (right side near wapda office)
  2. 2. 25. Model Town Link Road26. Allama Iqbal Town Main Boulevard, KIPS Building Toward Moon Mkt.27. Jail Road,if you are coming from Mozang Towords Shadman Chowk28. Allama Iqbal Town Main Boulevard, Moon Market29. Johar Town, Main BoulevardG1 Market Near Tobbaco Shop30. Defense Main Boulevard Towards Walton Road31. Consumer Engagement Activity “ Objective is to increase sales & give coca-cola consumer benefits to make them loyal ”32. Mechanics of the Activity “ On the purchase of COKE DISCOUNT packConsumer get a chance to play WHEEL OF FORTUNE game ”33. COKE DISCOUNT pack34. WHEEL of FORTUNE game35. WHEEL OF FORTUNE game36. Key Chains37. Coke Caps38. Coke T-shirt39. Surprise Gift40. Element of the Activity Hoarding Streamers Standees Uniforms41. Hoarding42. Streamer& Standees43. Uniforms44. Key Focus Areas Hyper Marts Makro Metro Hyper Star etc.. Modern GeneralStores HKB Al-Fatah etc..45. Duration of Activity 3 months activity June 2011 to August 201146. Estimated Cost of Activity per Month 1millionTotal Cost will b 3million for 3months47. Objective of Activity “ Make Coca-Cola favorite brand of soft drink amongyouth ”48. “ Most preferred thing in Youth after MUSIC is FOOTBALL ”