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Altavia Watch - Click and Collect - English version - June 2013

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A review of Click & Collect services by retailers

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Altavia Watch - Click and Collect - English version - June 2013

  1. 1. Click&Collect Thierry Strickler François Calzada June 2013 ENGLISH VERSION
  2. 2.  Click&Collect, an essential element in cross channel strategies  Generates traffic and in store sales  Not only « Drive »-oriented Click&Collect = ON & OFF CONVERGENCE
  3. 3.  85% of French find it interesting to reserve a product on line and pick it up in store (Ifop 2013). Since 2012, the Morgan clothing brand proposes to pick up Internet orders in stores. After only 6 months, 30% of online orders were picked up in stores. Click&Collect A service well-received by customers
  4. 4. Click&Collect Works for all shop formats and retail industries
  5. 5. Click&Collect Digital services provided Physical services provided
  6. 6. Click&Collect Digital services provided
  7. 7. Click Location / Opening hours Researches Results Stores and Services (1) Researches ResultsVices and Anvils PRODUCTS STORES IDEAS & ADVICES COMMUNITY TO DISCOVER Anvils 2kg Caracteristics Lenght (cm): 17 Material: Font Depth (cm): 8 Opinions Add tp Cart Available online Available in stores See more information Products description Opinions Home> Products> Tools> Materials and development workshop> Vices and Anvils> Anvils 2kg Login PRODUCTS STORES IDEAS & ADVICES COMMUNITY TO DISCOVER More precise Research Your research: « rosny sous bois » on the website Stores and Services 1 result CommunityIdea and AdviceProducts Login Results per pageShow Sort per Results per pageShow Research Results Become Fan on Facebook Discover the Youtube Chanel Follow us on Twitter Downlaod the App Connect your Wishes
  8. 8. Click Product Availability See store details See store details See store details Stock are estimated. Contact your Chevignon store to have information or reservation Choose your size Choose your color Product Non Available Product Available Product Available List of the stores HOURS HOURS HOURS LIST MAP Fill in a city name or postal address See Store details See Store details See Store details 2.85 km from your house 4.59 km from your house 10.12 km from your house
  9. 9. Click Product Information Type Casque Arceau Impédance nominale 32 Ohms Niveau de pression sonore (SPL) 106 db Réponse en fréquence 10 – 28 000 Hz Longueur de câble 1.2 m Jack (connecteur/embase) 3.5 mm jack plaqué or Accessoires Fiche adaptateur 3.5 – 6.3 mm, câble d’extension 1.8m Diamètre du haut-parleur 40 mm Bluetooth Non Headband Headphone with design and trendy wires, its 2 foam pads adapts to ears shape. It is convenient due to its smooth cable, which do not tangle. This product will delight the regular users with its flexibility and easy storage. Headband Headphone PHILIPS SHL5500 BLACK 19.90 € instead of 29.90 € with 0.05€ of eco contribution 1 Year GUARANTEE 1 exemplary in stock Headband Headphone Cable Length Sound pressure Level (SLP) Accessories No Adaptater Plug 3.5 - 6.6mm; Extension cable 1.8m Nominal Impedance Frequency Jack Plug 3.5 Jack Plug (gold plated) Speakers diameter
  10. 10. Click Reservation without payment Family Hammock Flora – Turquoise – La siesta In store Picking Up Family Hammock Flora Turquoise La siesta I read and accept the Terms and Conditions of reservation of the company Civil Information Validation of your reservation 1. Chose your of point of Sales 2. Your Card Your order will be confirmed by Nature and Decouvertes within 1 hour. When confirmed your reservation will be valid until the 23/06/2013, 10h30 to 21h Reservation confirmation
  11. 11. Click Reservation with payment « Thousands of products at the same price that in the Leclerc shops I pay on-line, I pick-up my purchases when I want to, 2hours after the order, It’s free, and I gain time. »
  12. 12. Click Make an appointment « In SNCF railway stores everywhere in France, you are welcomed by our advisors, travel and services specialists. They will do their possible to help you: • Buy your tickets at the best price • Get a loyalty card or a discount card • Prepare your travel • Combine your travel with a service (rent a car, hotel, flight…), • Deal with your reservation, done on-line, by phone, with a traveling agency or at the station. » Fill in your city or Potal code Appointment SNCF Take a SNCF appointment Select your Point of Sales Fill in your city or Potal code
  13. 13. Click Make an appointment The Genius Bar has perfect knowledge on Apple products and works directly with you, to offer you technical assistance and solve all kinds of problems. Some repairs can even be done in the Genius Bar. You want to meet a Genius? Book your place in advance. We would be delighted to meet you Make an appointment Select your store Select a kind of reservation We would be delighted to meet you Tell us which store you would like to visit and which kind of reservation you would like to do.
  14. 14. Click Plyce : Smartphone app not to miss the tips of large clearance Darty Plyce app, propose discount and offers from different partners (wellness, furniture, deco, ready-to-wear...). Darty just associates, bringing to Apps users an acess to all the product remove from storage in its 228 french points of sales. • Working on all mobiles (IOS, Androïd…), • Free reservation of the product • Geolocation leading the clients to the closest stores’ offers. Third-party apps
  15. 15. Click 1. At home / At the office 2. With smatphones 3. In traffic areas (Tesco wall in the subway) 4. Mobile via QR Code, digital terminals… 5. In store, « Surf and order » area at M&S 6. On e-business website 7. Via apps 8. Via third-party websites or apps
  16. 16. Click&Collect Physical services provided
  17. 17. Collect Challenges and expectations Client expectations  Heavy / large products  Distance  Timing  Hours  Cost Retailers’ challenges  Costs  Logistics  Information Systems  Payment Systems  Additional sales
  18. 18. Collect Home delivery, Online payment HOME DELIVERY Retailers’ Challenges  Costs  Logistics  Information Systems  Payment Systems  Additional sales Client Expectations  Heavy/Large products  Distance  Timing  Hours  Costs
  19. 19. Collect In-store picking-up, Online payment Retailers’ Challenges  Information Systems  Payment Systems  Additional sales Client Expectations  Distance  Timing  Hours
  20. 20. Collect In store picking-up, In-store payment G20 launches « G20 minute », its mobile app « to pick-up in-store». • Geolocation of the closest store • Order and pay via smartphone or in-store • Order available in-stores within 2 hours Retailers’ Challenges  Information Systems  Payment Systems  Additional sales Client Expectations  Distance  Timing  Hours
  21. 21. Collect Pick-up spots « Thanks to its partnership with CollectPlus, John Lewis adds 5000 pick-up services to its 230 physical points of sales». Retailers Challenges  Costs  Logistics  Information Systems  Payment Systems Client Expectations  Distance  Timing  Hours  Costs
  22. 22. Collect Out-of-store pick-up « Click, Fly & Collect » • In the days preceding your flight to Melbourne, place your shopping order online via the mobile app • After landing and picking up your luggage, you can pick-up your shopping bags at the terminal exit near the Park Royal Hotel • It is even possible to select an option that allows you to have your shopping bags in your car, witout any additional fees
  23. 23. Collect • In-store picking• Home delivery • Points of sales delivery
  24. 24. In-store = Additional sales Bricorama sales boosted by the Click&Collect service The average shopping cart of e-consumers who are picking-up their order in-store is 30% higher than that of clients who are home-delivered These are Bricorama’s big customers: Their average shopping basket is 8 times that of the average customer Click&Collect
  25. 25. Click&Collect Challenges for commercial communication
  26. 26. Three Challenges 1. Cross-channel visibility of the service 2. Unify / Rationalize 3. Opportunity for additional services
  27. 27. Cross-channel visibility of the service «Anglo-Saxons put Click & Collect services at the heart of retail strategies and we can witness it", reported Georges Duarte from DesignDay firm during the first channel congress, During 30minutes, with lots of pictures supporting his words, he demonstrated to the 150 attendees that French retailers have not fully supported their cross-channel strategy. Their communication lacks visibility while in the UK retailers are at full speed on the subject. And it is visible (even though the design is not always perfect).
  28. 28. Unify / Rationalize 1. The service, the promotion, the presentation of the products 2. Graphic codes, iconography, signage 3. Communication production, budgets, timing (digital publishing…)
  29. 29. Opportunity for additional services • Enrichment with informative content, online and offline experiences… • Customization offers and services… • Boosting in-store activity, clients’ sharing… • Retailers / clients co-creation …
  30. 30. Contact Thierry Strickler: Youmna Ovazza: Sarah Gaïsset: