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[Webinar] The Social Business Journey: Creating a Coherent, Sustainable Strategy, with Charlene Li and Brian Solis

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In this webinar, Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li and Brian Solis review the six distinct stages that organizations move through as they evolve their social business strategy. Attendees will learn how they can drive business value with their social business strategies -- no matter where they stand in terms of maturity. The webinar reviews findings from their recently released report "The Evolution of Social Business Strategy," and answers audience questions.

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  • This is a great reminder of the importance of integrating social strategy into your overall business strategy and goals. It reminds us that we all should be able to define the purpose and value of all we do, including introducing social and mobile channels. This is the value of creating a business management system (quality management system) with our executives and making this system part of the organization DNA and using this framework to bring forth elements of the social and mobile journey as you transform. It is work and it works. And it is more fun and rewarding if you work it together .
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