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[Slides] Customer Experience in the Internet of Things by Altimeter Group

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With every consumer expected to own up to 20 or more connected devices by the year 2020 (Source: Intel), the Internet of Things (IoT) is a channel for engagement that brands can't afford to ignore. Yet many companies are mystified by IoT, and how it fits in with their digital strategy. Watch this 1-hour webinar with Jessica Groopman and Charlene Li to learn about Altimeter's latest research on how brands can enhance the customer experience through IoT.

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[Slides] Customer Experience in the Internet of Things by Altimeter Group

  1. 1. [Webinar] Customer Experience in the Internet of Things: ! Five Ways Brands Can Use Sensors to Build Better Customer Relationships! Jessica Groopman, Senior Researcher @Jessgroopman! Charlene Li, Founder & CEO! @Charleneli! Event hashtag: #IoTCX!
  2. 2. Source: The Connectivist, 2014
  3. 3. Welcome!! •  The Myth of IoT! •  Five Use Cases for Applying IoT ! •  Taking a Holistic Approach to IoT !
  4. 4. Demystifying the Internet of Things!
  5. 5. are unfamiliar with the term “Internet of Things”!87% 65%Plan to adopt connected technologies in the future.!
  6. 6. Everyware Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine2Machine (M2M) IndustrialInternet Ubiquitous Connectivity Ubiquitous Computing Connected Environments Spimes SituatedComputing Physical Computing Wireless Sensor Networks Physical Internet FutureInternet Smarter Planet Web of Things Sentient World Ambient Intelligence Connected World Pervasive Internet Interaction on Demand Phygital World
  7. 7. The interconnection and interaction of the digital and physical worlds ! ! wherein uniquely identifiable embedded technology connects and integrates physical ‘things’ to information networks via existing and emerging Internet infrastructure. ! ! !
  8. 8. IoT is not about the technology.
  9. 9. IoT is a platform for connecting people, objects, and environments to inform and enable visibility, engagement, and innovation. !
  10. 10. IoT’s Potential for Win-Win !
  11. 11. What’s in it for consumers?! Visibility Empowerment Autonomy Efficiency
  12. 12. What’s in it for brands?! Context, Context, Context Insight into Customer Journey The World’s Largest Focus Group Consumer-driven Optimization
  13. 13. The more consumers are inspired to DO within the context of their interactions, the more brand and consumer agendas can align. Utility, service, & tangible value creation
  14. 14. P Is your company actively planning an IoT initiative for the next 12 months?! oll!
  15. 15. Consumer-facing Use Cases in the Internet of Things!
  16. 16. What does this look like? And how is it different?! 1.  Sensors! 2.  Online à Offline! 3.  New communication standards! 4.  Cross-functional!
  17. 17. Reward consumers for their time, money, effort, and engagement! Reward enabled by sensors incentivizes engagement and purchase by drawing from contextual elements
  18. 18. Walgreens and other retailers piloting AR apps to gamify in-store experience. !
  19. 19. Pact Health offers businesses and their employees sensor-based cost savings on health insurance!
  20. 20. Diageo connects bottle to smartphone to social for a personalized content experience! ! •  72% é sales during pilot •  Expanded program to 6 countries •  100k unique QR code downloads •  é supply chain efficiency/visibility
  21. 21. Consumer POV! The brand rewards me for my interaction (time, loyalty, purchase, location, product/service use, behavior, etc.).! ! ! Brand POV! We use an incentive (monetary, promotion, points, content, etc.) derived from online and/or offline data to drive customer interaction.! ! Reward: What’s in it for me?!
  22. 22. Information and Decision Making! Empower Consumers with the Ability to Access and Act on Intelligence ! Hyper-relevant information increases intelligence and assists in more informed and rapid decision-making.
  23. 23. IKEA ‘augments’ e-furniture shopping experience, bridges online capabilities with ‘offline’ needs
  24. 24. Home Depot integrates shopping cart with mobile for improved in-store experience
  25. 25. Jawbone fitness tracker adds meaningful data to post-quake coverage!
  26. 26. Consumer POV: "! The brand helps me make informed decisions by providing me the most relevant information precisely when I need it.! ! Brand POV:! We use informational media designed to aid consumers with product and service decision making, delivered at the most convenient time, on the right platform, and at the right place.! Decision-Making: What’s in it for me?!
  27. 27. Foster Easier, More Accessible, and Convenient Brand Experiences! Facilitation is about rendering the way consumers engage with products and services easier, faster, and more efficient
  28. 28. Starbucks a pioneer in ‘platform and hardware- agnostic’ mobile payment •  In-app, in-store •  In-app, pre-pay •  Via tap in-store •  Microsoft Band •  Galaxy Gear •  Pebble •  Apple Watch
  29. 29. Belkin’s Wemo Switch is one way to streamline identity authentication across products…
  30. 30. Chamberlain smart garage door openers revolutionize how they engage customers! ! ! “Over time, we see the opportunity to increase the utility of this through integration with security, thermostat, lighting, and beyond.” Maureen Silber, Senior Marketing Manager, Chamberlain Group
  31. 31. Hilton empowers guests with smartphone- based check-in and room keys
  32. 32. But just because we can add sensors to anything doesn’t always mean we should…
  33. 33. Consumer POV:! The brand makes it easier for me to access, acquire, or accomplish what I need, exactly when I need it.! ! Brand POV:! We enable a specific customer action or transaction architected to streamline the brand- consumer experience within a specific environment.! ! Facilitation: What’s in it for me?!
  34. 34. Support and Retain Customers by Proactively Identifying Opportunities ! Service in the IoT is about identifying gaps, issues, or opportunities to either react in real time or proactively suggest, service, or resolve before customers realize they have a problem.
  35. 35. Whirlpool’s connected washer prompts users with troubleshooting content when it detects an issue!
  36. 36. Tesla: The car that can fix itself!
  37. 37. Tesla offers software service upgrades… on the customer’s terms.
  38. 38. Service-related use cases are where companies are most likely to see impact on the bottom line:! §  Increased efficiency in supply chain management §  Increased efficiency in labor costs §  Increased revenue and/or customer retention through timely upsells §  Identification of issues in product or service experience §  Identification of new business models
  39. 39. Walgreens partners with TaskRabbit to deliver relief for sick residents
  40. 40. ! “In the future, people won’t buy devices just for their physical attributes; they’ll buy them because of the apps and services that connectivity enables.”! ! Kevin Meagher VP of Smart Home at Lowes
  41. 41. Consumer POV: "! The brand identifies ways to provide me a better (more enhanced, functional, secure, compatible, or personalized) experience, sometimes before I know I need it. ! ! Brand POV:! We use product, service, and customer data to inform support, sales, and other brand service opportunities in near real time, in real time, or through predictive technology.! ! Service: What’s in it for me?!
  42. 42. Leverage Feedback for Rapid R&D, Customization, and Improvement! Innovation enabled by sensors helps companies more efficiently collect feedback, optimizes, and even customize product/service experiences.
  43. 43. NEB uses connected refrigerator data to improve how they engage with scientists ü  Product offerings ü  Interface offerings ü  Inventory planning ü  Product specs offered ü  Popular content ü  Freezer performance
  44. 44. Tesla’s “Crawl” feature: crowd-sourced innovation— for individuals and across entire fleet of cars
  45. 45. Consumer POV "! The brand listens to and implements my requests for product or service improvement more rapidly.! Brand POV! We use real-time or rapid feedback mechanisms to inform and enable product and service development, design, or customization.! ! Innovation: What’s in it for me?!
  46. 46. Embrace Use Cases Holistically to Differentiate the Customer Experience !
  47. 47. The objective: To place the brand usefully, intuitively, sensitively, and centrally to how customers expect to interact with and experience your brand.!
  48. 48. Disney transforms the entire park-goer’s experience, spans all use cases !
  49. 49. Disney’s wearable experience improves and informs the entire customer journey §  Resort check-in §  Room key §  Customized door key §  Disney’s Magical Express §  Club/concierge level access §  Concierge desk check-in §  Resort entrances §  Disney parking lot entry §  Park admission §  Fastpass+ §  Store entrances* §  Restaurant payment §  PhotoPass ID §  Interactive game pass §  Disney’s Infinity on XBOX §  Stores custom avatars, designs
  50. 50. McDonald’s Beacon-Mobile Pilot Rewards, Facilitates, and Offers Feedback Loop! ü  Greetings ü  Coupons ü  Alerts ü  Surveys ü  Q&A ü  Payment ü  Employment opptys
  51. 51. Awareness Greetings, promotions, employment opptys Consideration Notifications, surveys, Q&As, contests Purchase Mobile payment and conversions such as employment inquiries Support Service, rapid response to inquiries Loyalty Innovation and product, service, and in-store improvement
  52. 52. These sensor-driven interactions are also driving intelligence & sales! In the first 4 weeks of the pilot, McDonalds garnered: ü  more than 18,000 coupon redemptions ü  McChicken sales increased 8% ü  McNuggets sales increased 7% ü  Insights around facilities, offers, menu items, recruitment techniques, etc.
  53. 53. Q uestions?!
  54. 54. Upcoming Webinar: Join us on April 29!
  55. 55. Thank You!! Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.! ! Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. ! Jessica Groopman! Senior Researcher! @JessGroopman!! Charlene Li "! Founder & CEO! @CharleneLi!