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Expo Day: Happy Neuron and Arrowsmith Program

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During Expo Day selected Summit Partners and Sponsors showcased their latest initiatives and solutions.
--Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Managing Director of Scientific Brain Training (SBT), discussed new partnerships following their ISO 13485 certification for medical devices — cognitive remediation.
--Jessica Poulin, Strategic Operations Manager at the Arrowsmith Program, presented plans to better equip 100+ schools helping students with special needs.

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Expo Day: Happy Neuron and Arrowsmith Program

  1. 1. Expo Day: Happy Neuron & The Arrowsmith Program
  2. 2. Sponsors Expo Day! 8.15am. Charlie Hartwell at The Bridge Builders Collaborative 9am. Dr. Bob Bilder at UCLA 9.30am. Ron Riesenbach at the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) --10am. Break-- 10.30am. Dr. Daniel Perez-Marcos at MindMaze 11am. Alvaro Fernandez at SharpBrains 11.30am. Mark Watson at the Watson Centre for Brain Health --Noon. Lunch break-- 1pm. Franck Tarpin-Bernard at Scientific Brain Training (SBT) 1.30pm. Jessica Poulin at the Arrowsmith Program Expo Day Agenda Summit is on Lunch. (we will resume at 1pm Pacific Time)
  3. 3. SharpBrains Virtual Summit 2016 Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Managing Director of Scientific Brain Training (SBT)
  4. 4. Mental Health
  5. 5. Therapists
  6. 6. Research & Development
  7. 7. Blended Training
  8. 8. Medical Device With
  9. 9. Age Care With
  10. 10. Speech Therapy
  11. 11. 2017…
  12. 12. Questions? Franck Tarpin-Bernard, PhD CEO HAPPYneuron +33 618 724 247
  13. 13. Jessica Poulin Strategic Operations Manager
  14. 14. Strengthening Learning Capacities®
  15. 15. Strengthening Learning Capacities®
  16. 16. Strengthening Learning Capacities®
  17. 17. Strengthening Learning Capacities® Training Overseas
  18. 18. Strengthening Learning Capacities®
  19. 19. Strengthening Learning Capacities® Scalability Create a system that will support continued research Collect all raw student exercise data Improve accessibility Improve program delivery and administration
  20. 20. Strengthening Learning Capacities® 1. What are the factors that contribute to progress in overcoming learning deficits? 2. Which is the optimal program and dosage to help an individual to overcome their unique learning deficits? 3. Which populations can benefit from the Arrowsmith Program? Future Research
  21. 21. Strengthening Learning Capacities®
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Strengthening Learning Capacities® Q&A
  24. 24. Thank you to all Participants!
  25. 25. Sponsors Thank you to all Speakers & Sponsors!
  26. 26. To learn more, visit