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Alwan Darishilmy 2019-2021 Portfolio

  1. ALWAN DARISHILMY Selected Works from 2019 - 2021 Illustration & Graphic Design
  2. ALWAN DARISHILMY P. Illustrator and Graphic designer Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Alwan I'm 22 years old and currently domiciled in Surabaya. Im a fresh graduate from Petra Christian University Surabaya in Visual Communication and Design Program this year with a Cumlaude title. I took Advertising major and having big interest in Illustration and Art directing I have various set of skills in the field of visual craft, but stronger as an Illustrator, also I'm quite familiar with working with the Adobe software family.
  3. Curriculum Vitae; Biodata; Alwan Darishilmy 22 y.o Currently domicile in Surabaya +62 812 3375 2554 Work Experience; Shoelast Instagram Post/ Social Media/ 2016 Highschool Yearbook / Art Director/ 2017 Petra Career Center Short Movie Series "Moment of Truth" / Prop Master/ 2020 Eunoia Film x Sister & Soul - I Want You Music Video / Art Director/ 2020 Qu.Bozan-#Emojinasi Instagram Challenge / Social Media/ 2020 Toko Balikita Instagram Post / Freelance Social Media/ 2021 Indopendence Boardgame Project / Freelance Illustrator / 2021 Organization; Student Press Genta Magazine / Layout & Illustration/ 2017-2018 Bharatika Design Fest: Rindu / Decoration/ 2018 Himavistra / Public Relation / 2018-2019 Prakarsa: Design Student of Indonesia/ 2018-2021 Bharatika Design Fest: Sukacipta / Decoration/ 2019 Adiwarna Final Project Exhibition: Codex / Branding/ 2021 Awards/ Competition; Gold Award Illustration Competition/ Bharatika Design Fest: Wanifesto / 2017 Poster Design Competition Runner up / Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Tingkat Daerah (PEKSIMIDA) / 2018 Gold Award TV Commercial Competition/ Bharatika Design Fest: Titik Temoe/ 2020 Print Ad Finalist/ Bharatika Design Fest: Titik Temoe/ 2020 Print Ad Runner Up/ ADuin Creative Communication Competition/ 2020 TV Commercial Competition Runner up/ Klaska Residence x Plaza Kamera / 2020 Illustration Competition Runner up/ Festival Budaya Online/ 2020 Education; SMK Insan Cerdas Indonesia (Ic School) /DKV/ 2015-2017 Petra Christian University / DKV/ 2017-2021
  5. Adiwarna 2021: Codex Field Type Team Year Branding Event Alwan.D, Henrico.I, Maria.P, Cathlin S. etc 2021 Create an overall visual branding of the legendary class of 2017 DKV final project exhibition event; Adiwarna 2021.
  6. Before we determine the name of this Adiwarna Codex event, we have to go through a long process of mindmap and idea elimination about what elements can be raised to be the core of the Adiwarna spirit of the Codex. We found a problem in our class about the issue of lack of initiative due to lack of student confidence. departing from this issue, we want to give a spirit of togetherness, that dkv students are having .difficulty doing their final assignments even though they are affected by the pandemic. We call for enthusiasm in working and fighting together to create an important moment together as a generation of 2017 With firm keywords:; motivation, mutual cooperation and collaboration. We want the 2021 Adiwarna to be a legacy that is authentic, inspirational, motivational and an example for our juniors, and of course remains relevant to dkv studentsall around Indonesia. For the sake of proof of our existence and learning for future generations, our history must be documented in a codex.
  7. Adiwarna Codex 2021 © > Scan this for further information.
  8. > Opening Teaser Post. 3x3 post with 3 main color of the event > Q&A Content. ask the talkshow speaker
  9. > Zine Promotional Post. mockup tags and tickets for promotional purposes
  10. > Visual asset/ Stickers. various size > Twibbon Template. 1080 x 1080 px > Codex pin Merchandise. 10 x 2 cm
  11. > Style frame visual asset for Motion Graphic. various size
  12. > The Codex Zine. A5 HVS 100gr
  13. #Emojinasi Field Type Team Year Social Media Activation Advertising Class Assignment Personal 2020 Create a simple and fun Instagram mini games so that there is activity to kill time during PSBB period.
  14. > Scan this for further info Have Fun! #Emojinasi is an interactive game that is included in the Qu.Bozan instagram account. Account that contains a collection of social interactive games that can be played via instagram with your friends! Qu.Bozan was an assignment from an advertising lecture class that designed to be played as a social activity and to pass the time during Covid-19 self-quarantine. #Emojinasi is 1 of 20 other interactive game creations created by advertising students class 2017
  15. In JUST 2 days, #Emojinasi had.. Total Impressions 872 Total Reach 649 Total Repost 100+
  16. Indonesiana Cryptozoology Field Type Team Year Illustration Digital Painting Personal 2021 Series of Illustration that depicts and archives all of the mysterious and unknown entitiy all around Indonesia based on folklores.
  17. Swordtember 2020 Field Type Team Year Illustration Digital Painting Personal 2020 Create an Sword based drawing according to 31 keywords from propt list of the Swordtember.
  18. Inktober 2019-2020 Field Type Team Year Illustration Ink on paper Personal 2019-2020 Create an ink based drawing based on 31 words from propt list of the Inktober.
  19. Indopendence Boardgame Project Field Type Team Year Illustration Commisioned Personal 2021 Create an illustration for all of the units on I n d o p e n d e n c e Boardgame project according to the brief.
  20. IIllustration for Indopendence Project 2021
  21. IIllustration for Indopendence Project 2021
  22. Indopendence Factions Stymbols Illustration 2021
  23. Various Illustration Field Type Team Year Illustration Mix Personal 2019-2021
  24. Personal Works 2020 Festival Budaya Online Entry - 2020
  25. IIllustration for Qu.Bozan Crowd Funding Instagram Challenge 2020
  26. IIllustration for Magnum Opus Community T-Shirt 2020
  27. IIllustration for Wedding Souvenir 2020
  28. 1917 - Color study 2020 Moonlight - Color study 2020
  29. Personal Works 2017 Bharatika Wanifesto 2017 Illustration Competition
  30. Reach me out via: Alwan +62 812 3375 2554 Thank you for reading my portfolio until the end. Lets make something great together ! Feel free to contact me through the information below. Have a great day!