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Preliminary analysis

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Preliminary analysis

  1. 1. Alyssa Grieveson Preliminary analysis Media Preliminary analysis In our preliminary we used many different angles and camera shots. The first camera shot we used was a mid-shot. We decided that the mid-shot was an effective shot to use in our preliminary movie because it allowed us to show the characters body language and their action without having to much of the surroundings in the background of the shot. This allows the viewers to see what the atmosphere, lighting and other characters are like in the scene if needed. The second camera shot we decided to use was a long shot. We decided the long shot was a good shot to use because it shows a wider range of the surrounding and environment the characters are and where the action is taking place. This is effective because this also allows the viewers to see and get more of an understanding of the lighting and the surroundings in the shot. Also in our preliminary we used the close-up shot. We used this shot to show the importance of a movement of the character that is playing the teacher. This makes is effective because it creates tension and action in the movie and gets the viewers wondering was is about to happen next and get them on edge and mysterious. This makes the viewers want to keep watching to find out what happens next and get the audience more intrigued and excited. We also used the point of view shot. This is an effective shot to use because it allows the viewers to see the action as if they are physically in the movie. This shows audience interaction and makes the movie more interesting to watch. It allows the audience to see the characters emotion and facial expression more clearly as you would be more focused on the character itself as you will be directly facing them. We decided to only use one camera angles, this is because of the type of shots we wanted to use and what was effective in the movie. The camera angle that we included in our preliminary movie was the tracking shot. The reason we decided to use this camera angle was because it was effective as we used it to show two of the characters walking down the corridor having a conversation. This angle allows the veiwers to seem like they are in the movie and make it feel like they are walking along side the charcters, which gives the sence of audience interaction.