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Global Diversity CFP Day Raleigh

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Global Diversity CFP day is an international event designed to help underrepresented folks in tech get on stage at events. These slides are from the Raleigh 2019 event and cover tips for picking speaking topics, writing bios, crafting proposals, and putting together talks.

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Global Diversity CFP Day Raleigh

  1. 1. Global Diversity CFP Day #gdcfpday
  2. 2. Welcome 🎉
  3. 3. Jessica Donahue Monica Hoyer Lee Eason Amanda Stockwell
  4. 4. Code of Conduct Review If you have any issues (this was emailed to you also( IJGjMEBjnlyKBRpm2
  5. 5. Questions throughout the day? Throw ‘em up .
  6. 6. 1. Picking a topic 2. Choosing where to speak 3. Crafting a proposal 4. Writing your bio 5. Delivering your talk 6. SNACKS
  7. 7. What should I talk about? What should I talk about?
  8. 8. So Relevant right now.
  9. 9. Be unique.
  10. 10. Don’t Preach.
  11. 11. Teach Inspire Explain Describe a project Share something personal Think about your goal.
  13. 13. What lights you up? What's the coolest thing you've accomplished? What are you a product of? Where are you now? What's important about you that isn't on your resume? What do you already know? What do you want to know? What do you wish someone was talking about? What are you curious about? What are things you see in your space? Trends you’ve noticed? What’s going on in the world at large? What’s infuriating? What’s exciting? What do you love? How is your experience different? What have you overcome? What have you failed? What have you learned? What have you taught others?
  14. 14. What should I talk about? Where should I speak?
  15. 15. Conferences. (Duh. But what kind?) Meetups. Inside your org. Schools.
  16. 16. Local Places: UX Y’all All Things Open NC Tech for Good Tech Breakfast Ladies that UX Tech Ladies Agile RTP
  17. 17. What should I talk about? What makes a good proposal?
  18. 18. Tailor to the event.
  19. 19. Be short. Yet powerful.
  20. 20. Focus on outcomes
  21. 21. Stand out.
  22. 22. Stand out.
  23. 23. “What everyone ought to know about conference session titles that get used too much.”
  25. 25. Bio.
  26. 26. Keep it short.
  27. 27. Tell past and present.
  28. 28. Unique
  29. 29. Structure Currently ____ Before that ____ Also _______. PS - you should probably use third person.
  31. 31. Crafting your talk
  32. 32. The Narrative Arc How story works STORYMAPPING WORKSHOP Tell a cohesive story.
  33. 33. Connect.
  34. 34. Allow your users to absorb.
  35. 35. Caring for your audience
  36. 36. Remember the context
  37. 37. Open QuestionsQuestions
  38. 38. Sean Ingram
  39. 39. We would love to share your excitement and news at becoming a speaker! celebrate
  40. 40. Photo time
  41. 41. Thank you!