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Hiring International Students - Overview

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Hiring International Students - Overview

  1. 1. Employer’s Brief: Hiring International Graduate Business Students Benefits of Hiring an International Student Bilingual (or more) language skills Knowledge of business practices, norms, and local markets of different countires Remarkable adaptability and perseverance Experience navigating international/multi-national firms Terms to Know OPT Optional Practical Training provides work authorization for 12 or 36 months of employment post-graduation CPT Curricular Practical Training allows temporary employment for summer internships and part-time employment during academic year ISSS International Student/Scholar Services office within University dedicated to supporting international students H-1B Visa Type for U.S. Employment most common visa option for employment post-OPT period, good for up to 6 years USCIS U.S. Customs & Immigration Services government agency that processes and regulates visa applications EAD Employment Authorization Document physical card that provides proof of work authorization post-graduation for specific period of time Hiring for Internships Hiring for Full-Time Roles Student Role Employer Role Cost to Employer Timeline Complete CPT online workshop and paper- work and submit to University’s ISSS office. Student will take internship for credit. None — All paperwork is completed and filed by University and student. None. ISSS will issue CPT within 7 business days of receiving paperwork. Complete online application with University’s ISSS office. ISSS processes, approves, and sends back to student. Student mails completed documentation and fee to USCIS to secure OPT work authorization. USCIS issues Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card. None — Applying for OPT is student’s responsibility. Student may apply for OPT with or without a job offer, though attaching job offer can accelerate process. None — There is no cost to the employer during OPT period. Typical cost for H-1B visa sponsorship post-OPT is $2,000-7,000. ISSS processes OPT paperwork within 7 business days. USCIS processes and issues an EAD in 2-4 months. 12 months (36 for STEM programs) of OPT begins after EAD is issued. Special Note Our MS-Business Analytics, MS-Finance, MS-Supply Chain programs are STEM-designated, which extends the OPT period post-graduation from 12 months to 36 months and provides a greater opportunity to attain an H-1B visa. To learn more, visit: