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Achieving Innovation at Supersonic Speed with VR, natural language recognition & big data – Melbourne IT

  1. Tristan Sternson Executive Director | Customer Solutions, Melbourne IT Gideon Kowadlo Executive Director | Innovation, Melbourne IT Scott Julian Effective Measure Andrew Julian Effective Measure Boom. Innovating at supersonic speed.
  2. As disruption accelerates organisations need to turn their customers into advocates or face extinction SOURCE: “DIGITAL PULSE 2015” BY RUSSELL REYNOLDS ASSOCIATES
  3. Computer power continues to grow exponentially
  4. Adoption of technology is accelerating SOURCE: /
  5. Incidence of business failure is increasing SOURCE: S&P 500; McKinsey analysis
  6. Commonwealth Bank
  7. Myer & ebay VR Store
  8. Try find a chatbots example
  9. Insights Engagement Continuous Change Innovation & Growth Melbourne IT
  10. ● Named by Gartner in Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers, Global ● 400 cloud, analytics and mobile experts ● AWS Premier Partner ● 40% of the ASX top 20 are our customers ● Most Australians use a product enabled by MIT daily
  11. Gideon Kowadlo Executive Director Innovation, Melbourne IT Enterprise Services
  12. § Brand Manager Yellow Pages - Pacific Access (Sensis) (Melbourne): Aug 1998 - Apr 2000 § Product Planner Small and Medium Cars - Holden Limited (Melbourne): Aug 1996 - Aug 1998 Market Analyst Small and Medium Cars – Holden Limited (Melbourne): Jan 1995 - Jul 1996 Streamlining Online Shopping
  13. How Visually Impaired people see the world
  14. How Blind people see the world
  15. Globally, 285 million people suffer from some kind of visual impairment.
  16. Thirty million people are blind.
  17. This number is expected to grow to 564,000 by 2030. 357,000 people in Australia are blind or have a vision impairment
  18. Blind Vision Impaired Senior CitizensPhysically Limited Target Users
  19. Screen Readers Physical InterfaceInternet usage Web BrowsersNo Accessibility Population Problems faced today
  20. Demo
  21. “I see speech approaching a point where it could become so reliable that you can just use it and not even think about it. The best technology is often invisible, and as speech recognition becomes more reliable, I hope it will disappear into the background.” Andrew Ng Associate professor at Stanford University Former Chief Scientist at Baidu Conversational Internet
  22. Convenience is king. Mass Market
  23. Acquire New Customers Brand Loyalty RetentionLearns behaviours and patterns over time Improving the lives of people with disabilities Innovative and cutting edge Business Benefits
  24. Echo Alexa Voice Service AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway AWS Lambda RDS Shopping API Convonet Cart API AW S
  25. EFFECTIVE MEASURE How the AWS Cloud is powering our startup turnaround...
  26. Effective Measure founded 2008 as a ‘pivot’ Digital Measurement Currency - Middle East / Africa. Originally launched to compete with Nielsen Australia Market currencies = hard to replace Green fields opportunity in Dubai Jumped on a plane and found local partners
  27. Melbourne → Los Angeles → AWS Cobbled together used hardware from GraysOnline Deployed MVP in Melbourne DC in October 2008 Moved to Los Angeles DC in May 2009 - bandwidth 10% of the cost AWS EC2 launched publicly October 23rd, 2009 Total Series A+B = $15m USD Expanded Los Angeles DC March 2010 w/ new hardware
  28. Processing 1.0
  29. Processing 2.0 +
  30. Product Innovation = Stalled
  31. From this...
  32. To this...
  33. Processing 3.0
  34. AWS = Rapid Product Innovation Real-time Campaign Measurement Demo
  35. Improving Field Worker Efficiency
  36. Improving Field Worker Efficiency with VR & Data Visualisation
  37. AR/VR is great. But is there a better way?
  38. DEMO
  39. Android VR App AWS Lambda AWS Lambda RDS AWS IoT Platform AWS IoT Connector Amazon API Gateway Alexa Voice Service Echo Visual Display
  40. We have the technology to address these problems...
  41. Start fostering a climate of innovation now Understand the problem Reflect Ideation Experiment Capability
  42. Thank you!