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Amazon CloudFront Office Hour, “Using Amazon CloudFront with Amazon S3 & AWS ELB” – August 9, 2016

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These slides cover information from the August 9, 2016 Amazon CloudFront office hour, which includes a brief overview on Amazon Cloudfront, key benefits of the service, how to use it with Amazon S3 and AWS ELB, pricing and how to get started.

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Amazon CloudFront Office Hour, “Using Amazon CloudFront with Amazon S3 & AWS ELB” – August 9, 2016

  1. 1. Using Amazon CloudFront with S3 & ELB Aug 09, 2016 Venkat Vijayaraghavan Sr. Product Manager, Amazon CloudFront
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Amazon CloudFront • Key Benefits of Using CloudFront • Pricing • How to Get Started @cloudfront
  3. 3. What is Amazon CloudFront @cloudfront
  4. 4. CloudFront: Global Content Delivery Network  Accelerate ALL Content Types o Dynamic content such as Web Applications, APIs o Static content such as images, video etc.  Full Featured CDN  Massively Scalable  Highly Secure  Self Service  Priced to Minimize Cost
  5. 5. Our growing global footprint… North America South America EMEA APAC POPs Cities Countries Continents AWS Region CloudFront Edge Location@cloudfront
  6. 6. Dynamic Static Video User Input SSL Amazon CloudFront: Whole Site Delivery @cloudfront
  7. 7. Key Benefits of Using Amazon CloudFront @cloudfront
  8. 8. Benefits of Using Amazon CloudFront 1. Improved Performance Caching Application Acceleration 2. Security SSL/TLS Delivery DDoS Protection Web Application Firewall 3. Scale & Availability Global Edge Network Designed to Scale @cloudfront
  9. 9. 1. CloudFront: Improved Performance @cloudfront
  10. 10. Elastic Load Balancing Dynamic Content Amazon EC2 Static Content Amazon S3 Custom Origin OR OR Custom Origin Amazon CloudFront *.jpg *.php Accelerate ALL Types of Content
  11. 11. Cache Static Content Closer to End User user request origin CloudFront Poke Poke Ok Ok PokePoke user request Amazon S3  Specify how long you want the content to live at the edge  Remove content from edge when it changes in Amazon S3
  12. 12. Can Dynamic Content Be Optimized? Dynamic Contents Are Not Cachable Content Proxied By CDN to the Origin and Back
  13. 13. Can Dynamic Content Be Optimized? user request origin CloudFront Poke Poke Ok Ok PokePoke user request
  14. 14. Application Acceleration  CloudFront Latency Based Routing  TCP/IP Optimizations for the Network Path  Keep-Alive Connections to reduce RTT  AWS Backbone Network  SSL/TLS Optimizations @cloudfront
  15. 15. SSL/TLS Optimizations  SSL/TLS Termination close to viewers  OCSP Stapling  Caching Session Tickets CloudFront Edge location Caching Session tickets @cloudfront
  16. 16. Performance Metrics
  17. 17. Slack API Before Amazon CloudFront
  18. 18. Slack API Today
  19. 19. Average response time around the world to dropped from 480ms to 200ms Response Time
  20. 20. Connection Breakdown Amazon CloudFrontus-east-1 ELB
  21. 21. 2. CloudFront: Security Benefits @cloudfront
  22. 22. CloudFront: Security Benefits Inherent DDoS Protection  Automatically protects from Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks  Built-into CloudFront  You don’t have to enable anything @cloudfront AWS Web Application Firewall  Integrated with Amazon CloudFront  Additional Protection Against Layer 7 Attacks  Protect Against Most Common Application Vulnerabilities  Prevent Web Site Scraping Crawlers, and BOTs
  23. 23. 3. CloudFront: Availability & Scalability @cloudfront
  24. 24. Highly Available, Even During DDoS Attack No Impact to Availability even during DDoS Attack Sample Attack on CloudFront Customer @cloudfront
  25. 25. Designed for High Availability Scale for Traffic Surge Load based dynamic routing Multiple transit providers Collapse forwarding Maintain buffer @cloudfront Super Bowl: Built to handle large scale events
  26. 26. CloudFront: Pricing @cloudfront
  27. 27. CloudFront Pricing Comparison CloudFront Data Transfer Pricing S3 and EC2/ELB Data Transfer Pricing
  28. 28. CloudFront: Low Cost  Pay as you go for what you use  No Data Transfer Charges from AWS Region to CloudFront  Static & Dynamic cost the same  Price Classes to further optimize cost  Free Tier to get started with CloudFront
  29. 29. CloudFront: How To Get Started @cloudfront
  30. 30. Amazon Confidential. Under NDA Only CloudFront Getting Started  CloudFront Free Tier  $25 CloudFront Credit An Individual credit code will be emailed to all attendees within 2 weeks.
  31. 31. Amazon Confidential. Under NDA Only CloudFront Getting Started Using Amazon S3? CloudFront Developer Guide: Using CloudFront with Amazon S3 Using Elastic Load Balancing? Learn how Slack used CloudFront in front of their ELBs to improve API security and improve application response times by ~300ms. - Alex Graham, Sr. Operations Engineer, Slack Technologies, Inc. Watch Here - nars/#slack-video
  32. 32. Thank You