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透過Amazon Launchpad Program 速進新創公司成功跨境

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Successful cross-border start-up through Amazon Launchpad Program

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透過Amazon Launchpad Program 速進新創公司成功跨境

  1. 1. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Amazon Launchpad Design for Startups
  2. 2. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Global B2C E-commerce Sales Total online sales of goods and services of countries covered, 2012 -2016 Source: Ecommerce Foundation 2016
  3. 3. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Global B2C E- commerce 2015 Market Share North America $ 573b P 78% Europe $ 446b P 75% Asia-Pacific $ 1,057b P 39% Latin America $ 26b P 56% World $ 2273b P 45% Source: Ecommerce Foundation 2016 $ E-commerce turnover
  4. 4. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Share of Top 10 Countries in 2015 Source: Ecommerce Foundation 2016
  5. 5. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Cross Border E-commerce in China Source: 中國電子商務研究中心(100EC.CN)發布《2015年度中國電子商務市場數據監測報告》
  6. 6. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Cross Border E-commerce in China Source: 中國電子商務研究中心(100EC.CN)發布《2015年度中國電子商務市場數據監測報告》
  7. 7. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 How Startup Capture the Trend?
  8. 8. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 What’s the pain point of startup? You have a great idea. You’ve gotten funding. You’ve built something. Now the hard work of reaching customers begins.
  9. 9. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Startups’ Journey Example: CN startup • Over 3,650,000 startups established in 2014. * • Over 5,000 incubators in 2015 • Over 300 crowdfunding platforms in 2015 *source: 2015.06 国务院第93次常务会议《关于大力推 进大众创业万众创新若干政策措施的意见》
  10. 10. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Why Amazon is doing this?
  11. 11. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Global Vision Make Amazon a great platform for startups to launch & grow Make Amazon a cooler destination for customers to shop Hi Jeff, Thank you for starting Amazon Launchpad! I wanted to let you know that Amazon Launchpad has not only changed my life but it has also changed the lives of all 20 of our employees. Amazon Launchpad and the Launchpad team has made our dream of becoming a global company a reality. --- Peter Lee, CEO and co-founder of URB-E (Electric folding scooter)
  12. 12. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 How Launchpad Help Startups Grow Business
  13. 13. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Our Global Footprint A unique global program to help startups market, sell, and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers across the Launchpad.
  14. 14. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Story Telling Page Dedicated video Your BRAND story Rich product detail page
  15. 15. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Examples: Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook
  16. 16. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Extra exposure to build awareness I. Marketing
  17. 17. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Extra exposure to build awareness II. PR event 5/10 open to Chinese startups 8/12 Amazon annual flagship event
  18. 18. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Fulfillment By Amazon 消費者喜歡亞馬遜物流的 3 大理由 1. 配送速度快 2. 標準化服務 3. 貨到付款 >> 仓储 订单处理 配送 客服 >> >>
  19. 19. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 FBA Service Survey Copyright © 2015 Amazon China. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Examples from
  21. 21. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Examples from
  22. 22. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Examples from
  23. 23. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Who we are looking for? 1. Product is physical  Hardware, Food & Drink, Clothing/Apparel, Accessories, etc. 2. Received external funding*  Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding Platforms OR Government Program Recognition 3. Product is available  Ready to ship Manufacturing in process (available within 30 days) *Exceptions may apply; we encourage applications from all startups
  24. 24. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Tech + Design = Launchpad
  25. 25. 亚马逊发明家项目介绍 讓創造發明飛遍全球 Join Us! Follow Launchpad global footprint, apply to join each country by link! China Launchpad United Stated Launchpad United Kingdom Launchpad Germany Launchpad France Launchpad