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[AWS Days Microsoft-LA 2015]: Running Active Directory in the AWS Cloud

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Most enterprises have come to rely upon Active Directory for authentication and authorization—for users, workstations, servers, and business applications. Among your first considerations when planning a major implementation initiative will be how best to architect Active Directory—and how best to take advantage of the benefits of the AWS cloud. This session focuses on three design patterns: Single Forest, Federated, and Disconnected. Covering general design guidance for Active Directory in AWS, what to look for when deciding what to choose and the practical implications of that choice, and the three patterns themselves.

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[AWS Days Microsoft-LA 2015]: Running Active Directory in the AWS Cloud

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. December 9, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA Introduction to AWS Directory Service
  2. 2. Agenda Why did we build AWS Directory Service? What is AWS Directory Service? How do I get started? Questions
  3. 3. Why Did We Build AWS Directory Service?
  4. 4. Migrate traditional applications to the cloud
  5. 5. Managing servers at scale is difficult
  6. 6. What is AWS Directory Service?
  7. 7. A managed service that allows you to connect your AWS resources with a Microsoft Active Directory or AD compatible directory in the AWS cloud, or an existing on-premises Microsoft AD directory Deploy and operate traditional workloads like Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, and .NET applications in the AWS cloud Provide single sign-on (SSO) across all your AWS applications like Amazon Workspaces, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon WorkMail, and the AWS Management Console, as well as RDS SQL Server, and domain joined EC2 Linux and Windows instances What is the AWS Directory Service
  8. 8. Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition) Highly available directory running Microsoft Active Directory on Windows Server 2012 R2. Offering full Activity Directory functionality, including trust relationships and data replication Simple AD Samba 4 Active Directory Compatible Server that supports a subset of functionality including Kerberos-based single sign-on, group policies AD Connector Proxies directory requests across AWS Direct Connect or VPN connection to an existing, on-premises Microsoft Active Directory AWS Directory Service Directory Types
  9. 9. AWS Directory Service Benefits Familiar Single Sign-On Simplifies Deployments Managed Service Cost Effective
  10. 10. Simplifies Deployments Domain-join Linux and Microsoft Windows instances Define and apply Group Policy Objects Migrate directory-aware Windows applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, or custom .NET
  11. 11. Cost-Effective Trade capital expense for variable expense Benefit from massive economies of scale Pay only for what you use No long-term commitments
  12. 12. Managed Service 99.95% SLA Multi-Availability Zone replication Automated snapshots and backup Software updates and patching included
  13. 13. Familiar Microsoft Active Directory Works with directory-aware applications No learning curve Use your existing management tools
  14. 14. Single Sign-On Use existing, corporate credentials Map IAM roles to directory users and groups SSO for AWS Work applications, the AWS Management Console, domain joined EC2 instances, RDS SQL Server, and directory dependent Microsoft applications
  15. 15. Directory Comparison AWS Directory Service Simple AD* (small) Simple AD* (large) Microsoft AD (Enterprise) Hourly $0.05 $0.15 $0.40 Monthly $36.50 $109.50 $292.00 Annually $438.00 $1,314.00 $3,504.00 Feature Comparison Maximum Users Supported 500 5,000 50,000 Built-in Monitoring and Recovery   Built-in High Availability   Built-in Backup and Restore   Auto Scaling - Q2 2016 Ability to Domain Join to Hierarchical OUs   LDAP Support   Policy Configuration for Targeted OUs   Support for Schema Extensions - Q1 2016 Support for Domain Trusts -  Provision AD Directories On-Demand -  Manage Users/Groups using Exisitng AD Tools   SAML Federation - - Built-in Security at Rest - Encrypted EBS Security on Wire HTTPS HTTPS * Prices for AD Connector and Simple AD are equivalent
  16. 16. Regional availability Simple AD and AD Connector only
  17. 17. Getting Started
  18. 18. Try AWS Directory Service For Free Log into the AWS Management Console and launch a directory Choose between Microsoft AD, Simple AD and AD Connector Your first 750 hours are free
  19. 19. Learn More About AWS Directory Service Get Started with AWS Directory Service: Learn more about AWS Directory Service: Frequently asked questions:
  20. 20. Thank you!