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AWS "Game On" Event - Games Analytics - 19 June 13

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This presentation looks at why metrics and analytics are important but why segmenting players and predicting behavior is even more valuable.

Mark Robinson, COO, Games Analytics

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AWS "Game On" Event - Games Analytics - 19 June 13

  2. 2. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012PlayerRelationshipManagement2Big Data gives developers totalunderstanding of PLAYERSHeavy investment in CRM tocreate proactive and intelligentrelationships with CUSTOMERS
  3. 3. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©20123Z
  4. 4. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012GamesAnalyticsHierarchy4
  5. 5. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012GameMetricsAreOK5• Gameperformance metricsdon’t help you understand players• Analytics need tobe actionableSo whatif youraveragesessionper useris 1.2?
  6. 6. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012PlayerMetricsAreBetter6• Theopportunityistounderstandplayers• From analysingfirst sessioncanunderstand• Howlongdotheyplay?• Aretheycomingback?• Whatwastheirexperience?• Isthetutorialworking?• Whatwastheirexitevent?PlayerPerformanceMetricsFrustrated Impatient
  7. 7. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Analytics Built-In• Data Collection part of developmentcycle• Standardevents and customevents• Have data plan to monitor player status• Apply bestpracticeF2Pdesign principles• Then focus on player behaviours• Use beta to optimise game design with real players• And think aboutkey numbers!• If 70% playersonlyhaveone sessionhow dowe getthemto comeback?• If 1% paywhat about the other 99%?7
  8. 8. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©20128SegmentPlayersDesignChangesMonitorUplift AnalyseBehaviours• Not all players are the same• Understanding your player segments andtheir behaviours helps you optimise gamedesign to improve experiences• And therefore engagement and revenues• Key drivers such as difficulty, momentum,resource management and featureconsumption will form powerful insightinto player behaviours to change yourgame.
  9. 9. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Poker Playing Behaviours9Aggression Playing StyleAverage BetValueWin RatePassive Loose Low LowMedium Tight Medium-High MediumAggressive Medium Medium LowAggressive Loose High HighPassive Tight Medium Medium-HighSuperAggressiveLoose High Medium-LowPoker Playing Behaviours9Segmentationallows you todig into theplayer traitsand predictbehaviours.Fish will run outof chips andneed top ups.Maniacs willburn throughchips and beresponsive tobig bet offers.
  10. 10. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012RETAINMONETIZEMMO Example10• Strategic Elite• Under-rewarded andlapsing• Kamikaze Killers• Monetize thruboosters• Low Skilled Persistent• Train and subtlemonetization
  11. 11. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012ChangeTheGame11
  12. 12. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©201212WelcomeTailoredTipsNext BestPurchaseGiftingResourceExploringthe StoreFirstPaymentBundlesVIPStrategyLevel PassStoreBrowsersResourceDepletionMentoringMissionDefeatGiftingResourceLoyaltyProgramSpecialContentOffers(PlayingStyle)PlayerLifecycle
  13. 13. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012GamesAnalyticsHierarchy13
  14. 14. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012And finally…PlayersaretryingtotellyouabouttheirexperiencesLet’sstartlistening….14
  15. 15. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012ThankYoumark.robinson@gamesanalytics.comTwitter@gamesanalytics