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AWS GovCloud (US)

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Introduction to the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

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AWS GovCloud (US)

  1. 1. AWS GovCloud (US) CJ Moses, Deputy CISO
  2. 2. Amazon’s Three Businesses Consumer Seller Developers/ Business Business IT Infrastructure (retail) BusinessTens of millions of active Sell on Amazon Cloud computing customer accounts websites infrastructure for hosting web-scale solutions Use Amazon technology for your own retail Eight countries: websiteUS, UK, Germany, Japan, Hundreds of thousands ofFrance, Canada, China, Leverage Amazon’s registered customers in Italy massive fulfillment over 190 countries center network
  3. 3. How did Amazon get into Cloud Computing?
  4. 4. How did Amazon get into Cloud Computing? We’d been working on it for over a decade Development of a platform to enable sellers on the Amazon global infrastructure Internal need for centralized, scalable deployment environment for applications Early forays into web services proved developers were hungry for more
  5. 5. The Cloud is Suddenly Everywhere
  6. 6. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a utility service - giving you access to technology resources managed by experts and available on-demand.You simply access these servicesover the internet, with no up-front costs andyou pay only for the resources you use.
  7. 7. The Cloud Scales: Amazon S3 Growth Peak Requests: 449 Billion 290,000+ per second 262 Billion 102 Billion 40 Billion2.9 Billion 14 Billion Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q2 2011 Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3
  8. 8. The Cloud Scales Every day, Amazon Web Services adds enough new server capacity to support all of Amazons global infrastructure in the company’s fifth full year of operation, when it was a $2.76B annual revenue enterprise.
  9. 9. AWS Pace of Innovation is Intense » Free Monitoring EC2 » Amazon SNS » RDS Reserved » Amazon Route 53 » Combined AWS Data Transfer » CloudFront Default Root » PCI DSS Level 1 Certification Savings » Startup Challenge 2010 » Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone) » Amazon EMR Bootstrap Actions » CloudFront Invalidation » Large Object S3 Support » Amazon ELB Session Stickiness » Florida POP » Amazon RDS in EU » Import/Export APAC » New Singapore Region » AWS Elastic Beanstalk » CloudFront HTTPS » Amazon RDS Read Replicas » Amazon Simple Email Service » NYC Edge Location » Suse EC2 Linux » Improved AWS Support “Bronze” » Lowers Pricing HTTP » Amazon SNS Console » Amazon CloudWatch Console » EMR JobFlow Debugging » AWS Import Export GA » Amazon SNS » Amazon ELB HTTPS » VM Connector » Simple DB Consistent Reads » Amazon S3 Console » AWS Free Tier » Tokyo Region » Simple DB Conditional Puts » Amazon EBS CloudWatch » EMR Resizing Cluster » AWS Support JP » New VPC » Amazon SQS Longer » Amazon S3 Lowered Pricing » » AWS Java SDK retention, Free Tier » CloudFront GA, SLA Dedicated » Windows BYOL Amazon S3 Bucket Policies » S3 Multipart Instances » Singapore Pop » Amazon VPC IP Address » GPGPU Instance Types » Windows » CloudFront » Cluster Compute Instances » ISO27001/2 Certification 2008 R2 Private Streaming » Amazon S3 RRS » Lowered Pricing EC2 Notifications » AWS IAM » AWS CloudFormation» Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances » Amazon VPC Console » Amazon S3 Static Websites » VPC in EU with Windows, Extra Large High » Micro Instances » AWS IAM Website Login » Amazon RDS in US-west Memory Instances » Paris Edge Location » Amazon CloudFront Access » Amazon Linux AMI» Amazon S3 Versioning Feature » Amazon EC2 Tagging, Logs» Consolidated Billing for AWS Filtering, Idempotency, » Amazon RDS Multi-AZ» Lower pricing for Outbound Data » Oracle Certified AWS » Amazon S3 RRS Transfer » AWS PHP SDK » Amazon RDS Console
  10. 10. Flexible
  11. 11. Agile Currently, when government agencies are confronted with a new or changing mission, they often have to wait months to procure and configure new hardware. With AWS, agencies can transition from outdated applications and turn on the infrastructure to support effective applications in minutes—not months. AWS can support this type of rapid change even if the application requires hundreds or thousands of servers. Increase Speed-to-mission
  12. 12. Agile – US RATB“Ourmigration to the cloud took only 22 days from feasibility study to production.”-Jim Warren, CIO, RATB
  13. 13. Scalable Most agencies would benefit from reducing time-to- knowledge for their decision support applications. With AWS, agencies can add the 100s or even 1000s of servers they need in minutes, eliminating research queues and reducing time-to-knowledge.
  14. 14. Scalable – NASA JPL“[AWS] allowed us to process nearly 200,000 Cassini images within a few hours under $200. [Before AWS] we were only able to use a single machine locally and spent more than 15 days on the same task.”- Khawaja Shams, Sr. Solutions Architect, NASA JPL
  15. 15. Cost-Effective
  16. 16. On-Demand Infrastructure Infrastructure Cost $ Unable to Large serve Capital customers Expenditure Predicted Demand Traditional Hardware Opportunity Cost Actual Demand Automated Virtualization time
  17. 17. BUT: Data has to stay in CONUS Must meet Federal standards for security and privacy controls US Persons only access Data Isolation, Network Isolation, Machine Isolation
  18. 18. Announcing a new region… AWS GovCloud (US)
  19. 19. AWS GovCloud (US): A New Region6 AWS Regions US East (Northern Virginia) US West (Northern California) GovCloud (US) (West Coast) Europe (Dublin) Asia Pacific (Singapore) Asia Pacific (Tokyo)19 AWS CloudFront LocationsAshburn, VA / Dallas, TX / Jacksonville, FL / Los Angeles, CA / Miami,FL / Newark, NJ / New York, NY / Palo Alto, CA / Seattle, WA / St. Louis,MO / Amsterdam / Dublin / Frankfurt / London / Hong Kong / Paris /Stockholm / Tokyo / Singapore
  20. 20. Targeted to US Government CustomersUS Persons-Only accessFISMA Moderate Compliant ControlsData Isolation, Network Isolation, MachineIsolation
  21. 21. Secure
  22. 22. Security is our Top PriorityCertifications and Accreditations• FISMA Moderate Compliant Controls• SaS-70 Type II• ISO 27001• PCI DSS Level 1Amazon Virtual Private Cloud• Dedicated Instances (optional)• AWS Direct Connect (optional)• AWS Identity and Access Management• Put the cloud behind your firewall
  23. 23. Amazon VPC Architecture Customer’s isolated AWS resources Subnets NATInternet Router VPN Gateway Amazon Web Services Cloud Secure VPN Connection over the Internet Customer’s Network
  24. 24. AWS Deployment Models Logical Granular Logical Physical Government ITAR Sample Workloads Server and Information Network server Only Physical Compliant Application Access Isolation Isolation Network and (US Isolation Policy Facility Persons Isolation Only)Commercial   Public facing apps.Cloud Web sites, Dev test etc.Virtual Private     Data CenterCloud (VPC) extension, TIC environment, email, FISMA low and ModerateAWS       USP CompliantGovCloud and Government(US) Specific Apps.
  25. 25. Use Cases
  26. 26. HPC and Analytics - Today Lots of data, lots to learn Little time, little hardware Growth in Data Fixed Hardware Improvement
  27. 27. HPC and Analytics – AWS GovCloud (US) Growth in Data Flexible Hardware Improvement to meet Demand
  28. 28. Storage - TodayExponential Growth Fixed Storage Assets Storage Problems in Digital Files
  29. 29. Storage – AWS GovCloud (US)Exponential Growth Flexible Storage Assets Storage Problems in Digital Files Durability: 99.999999999%
  30. 30. Enterprise and LOB Applications SAP CRM Oracle Collaboration Microsoft Communication Services SUSE ERP Red Hat Database Etc..
  31. 31. AWS GovCloud (US) Services Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Amazon CloudWatch AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  32. 32. Over 100 Government Agencies GSA Infrastructure-as-a-Service BPA AwardAgencies using AWS to supporttheir mission . . .Including: NASA US RATB US Treasury USDA
  33. 33. NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  34. 34. Mars Exploration Mars Science Rovers LaboratoryDeep Space Carbon in the Arctic Reservoir Lunar Mapper Network Vulnerability Experiment Mission Project ATHLETE Robot
  35. 35. Mars Science Lab - CuriosityFast Motion Field Test - Image Processing in the Cloud• Massively parallel computations on EC2  Image Stitching (panorama generation)  Stereo Correlation (depth perception)  Large Image TilingElasticity• Zero to a few hundred cores, back to zero – in a few weeksPay-as-you-go• Mission paid only for what it used
  36. 36. European Space AgencyESA Centre for EarthObservation• Data collected by Satellites stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)• Earth science data provided to organizations around the world – 50,000 users at peak, 30 TB at a timeScalability• Scale up storage infrastructure as much as neededSpeed and Agility• Avoided time to procure dedicated hardware with on-demand service
  37. 37. Government Solution Providers
  38. 38. “This new offering will enable the US federal government to continue to improve their organization’s performance, effectiveness, and efficiency with increased transparency. ESRI is pleased to continue working with AWS to offer federal agencies the powerful coupling of the cloud with ESRI’s suite of tools for mapping and geographic analysis.” -Jack Dangermond, President, ESRI
  39. 39. AWS GovCloud (US) Access AWS will screen customers prior to providing access to the AWS GovCloud (US). Customers must be:  U.S. Persons;  not subject to export restrictions; and  comply with U.S. export control laws and regulations, including the International Traffic In Arms Regulations.
  40. 40. Getting Started Customers who are interested in learning more about the AWS GovCloud (US) should contact their government sales representative by filling out the Contact Us form on the AWS GovCloud (US) website.
  41. 41. Q&AAWS GovCloud (US) CJ Moses, Deputy CISO