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AWS Q3 2011 Update - Seattle AWS User Group

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This "what's new" presentation was delivered to the Seattle AWS User Group on August 31, 2011.

It covers new services, new locations, and new features.

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AWS Q3 2011 Update - Seattle AWS User Group

  1. AWS Update – August 2011<br />Jeff Barr – Senior Evangelist<br />@jeffbarr<br />
  2. We’ve Been Busy…<br />New Services<br />New Locations<br />New Features<br />
  3. New Services<br />AWS ElastiCache – Caching as a service<br />AWS Direct Connect – Dedicated network circuit<br />AWS CloudFormation – Template-driven site building<br />Amazon Simple Email Service – Email delivery<br />
  4. AWS ElastiCache<br />Caching as a service<br />Compatible with Memcached<br />Scalable, pay-as-you-go<br />Complete console support<br />
  5. AWS Direct Connect<br />From your data center to ours<br />1 Gbit or 10 Gbit connection<br />Connect to:<br />AWS public endpoints<br />Virtual Private Cloud <br />US East now; other locations in the works<br />Order online<br />
  6. AWS CloudFormation<br />Create application stack from a reusable template<br />Declarative specification<br />Creates resources in dependency-driven order<br />Complete console support<br />Predefined templates<br />
  7. Predefined CloudFormation Templates<br /><br />
  8. Sample WordPress Template<br /><br />Parameters<br />Mappings<br />Resources<br />Outputs<br />
  9. Amazon Simple Email Service<br />Easy email sending:<br />Transactional<br />Bulk<br />Minimal setup<br />Maximal scalability<br />Deliverability management<br />Development sandbox<br />Request production access<br />
  10. New Regions:<br />Tokyo Region (March 2011)<br />GovCloud (US) Region (August 2011)<br />ITAR compliant<br />Access limited to US Persons<br />Limited to US Government, state and local government, supporting contractors<br />Over 100 federal, state, and local agencies already use AWS<br />Complete Region List:<br />US East, US West, GovCloud (US)<br />Singapore, Tokyo<br />EU West<br />Additional Regions are in the works<br />
  11. New Features – Virtual Private Cloud<br />VPC now available in all Regions<br />One VPC can now span AZ’s<br />VPC Wizard<br />Control of network topology and routing<br />Network ACLs at subnet level<br />Internet access via Internet Gateway<br />Support for NAT (Network Address Translation)<br />
  12. VPC Wizard<br />
  13. VPC Wizard<br />
  14. VPC Network ACL<br />
  15. New Features – S3, IAM, RDS<br />S3:<br />Static website hosting<br />449 Billion objects<br />IAM:<br />Console support<br />Identity federation<br />Policy generator<br />Relational Database Service:<br />Support for Oracle Database 11G<br />Support for MySQL 5.5<br />
  16. New Features – EC2<br />Dedicated Instances in VPC<br />SUSE Linux Enterprise Server<br />Windows Server 2008 R2<br />Spot Market now priced per AZ<br />VM Import (Vmware, Hyper-V, XenServer)<br />Oracle Applications on EC2<br />
  17. Q & A<br />
  18. We Are Hiring<br />Current list of openings…<br />
  19. Thanks for Listening!<br /><br />@jeffbarr<br />