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AWS re:Invent 2016: Lift and Evolve – Saving Money in the Cloud is Easy, Making Money Takes Help (ENT206)

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Every enterprise knows by now that it can save money by simply lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud, but many are missing the larger opportunity to also make money by moving. While quick costs savings are good for the bottom line, they do little to move the top line numbers. To achieve both savings and earnings, corporate thinking about technologies must change in order to enable faster processes leveraged enterprise-wide. In this session we will explore multiple customer success stories where the customers have evolved from leveraging basic compute and storage products (EC2 and S3) to integrating new services into operations by leveraging Lambda, DynamoDB, CodeDeploy, etc. Once this is achieved, enterprises are enabled to manage and deploy code rapidly in a programmatic and elastic secure network, ensuring governance and security standards across the globe. We will look at the migration process trusted by hundreds of clients as well as how to cope with the process and people components that are so important to enable agility, while focusing heavily on the technology. The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and 2nd Watch story will dive deep into the technology that allows TCCC to manage hundreds of AWS Accounts, hundreds of workloads, thousands of instances, and hundreds of business partners around the globe. TCCC’s Configuration Management System has Puppet at the core and relies on over a dozen core and emerging AWS products across accounts, availability zones and regions. This complex and globally-available system ensures all of TCCC’s workloads in AWS meet corporate policies but also allows for rapid scale of both consumer and enterprise workloads. Session sponsored by 2nd Watch.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: Lift and Evolve – Saving Money in the Cloud is Easy, Making Money Takes Help (ENT206)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Chris Resch, EVP of Solution Sales Chris Nolan, Director of Product Ryan Kennedy, Principal Automation Architect November 29, 2016 ENT206 Lift and Evolve Saving Money in the Cloud is Easy, Making Money Takes Help
  2. 2.  Lift and Shift  Lift and Evolve  Automation Example  Business Outcomes and Take-away What To Expect In This Session
  3. 3. Migrations Are Easy
  4. 4. Change is Hard People, Process, Technology Fear Boiling The Ocean Priority Knowledge & Training Migration Inexperience
  5. 5. Classification Example Follow “The 5 Rs” Replace Rebuild Revise Refactor Rehost Few Changes, Low Cost Many Changes, High Cost Not Appropriate To Move Migration Velocity
  6. 6. Support any Workload Reliable & Predictable Scheduling Native to AWS Inefficiency Identification Tolerance Cost Optimization Design Build Secure OptimizeOperateAssess Organization Requirements Gathering Expert Guidance Readiness & Rationalization Reference Architectures Standards & Controls Design for Flexibility and Performance Intrusion Detection Managed Firewalls Access Controls Regulatory Compliance Enterprise Cloud Studio Platform Industry Leading SLAs Management of: Incidents Changes Security Identity Recovery Best Practices For The Journey To The Cloud
  7. 7. Assess: Measure Twice, Cut Once  Technical staff  Focused on understanding functionality, audience and future plans  Dependency mapping Interviews  Automated tools  Describes the technical needs of the workload / application  Agent-less approach  Build the DataMart of technical assets, configurations, and usage of automated tools Discovery  Gather additional data from core teams  Work with teams to fine-tune reporting  Validate findings Validation  Bucket applications into core classifications  Build move waves  Schedule moves Migration Plan
  8. 8. 2nd Watch Cloud Factory Build Migration Schedule Workload Inventory all workloads & infrastructures Network/Services/Database/ SAN/Application/Security Application Classification Virtualized Physical (Linux) Physical (Windows), Database Server Infrastructure as Code Manual Build and Configuration Determine Workload Dependencies Determine Software License Strategies Determine Migration Velocity & Timing Determine testing & QA requirements Build Core Cloud Services High Level Design Capture Transport AWS Import Post Launch Configuration Completion Cutover Detailed Design Analyze Workload and Infrastructure Assessment Prepare Workloads for Transformation Automate Deploy Activate Factory and Migrate Workloads
  9. 9. Evolve with a DevOps Model It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. --Charles Darwin
  10. 10. Tool Person Group/team Job What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change The application of agile & lean principles to infrastructure development & management. DevOps Is NOT A… DevOps IS… Defining DevOps
  11. 11. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change The ability to deliver business value faster. DevOps IS… To Simplify…
  12. 12. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change Why Should I Care About DevOps?“ ”
  13. 13. Digital business is essentially software, which means that organizations that expect to thrive in a digital environment must have an improved competence in software delivery. - Laurie Wurster, Research Director @ Gartner
  14. 14. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change How Do We Know We Are Successful?“ ”
  15. 15. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Clark’s Third Law, Arthur C. Clarke
  16. 16. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change Measure What Matters Most Deployment Frequency Change Rate Mean Time To Recovery How fast can we recover from a failure? Deployment Lead Time How frequently do we push to production? When we push to production, are we successful? How long does it take us to get a change into production?
  17. 17. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change Three Ways Systems Thinking Systems Thinking: Emphasizes the performance of the entire system, as opposed to the performance of a specific silo of work Feedback Loops Continued Education Amplify Feedback Loops: The goal when improving processes is to shorten and amplify feedback loops so necessary corrections can be continually made. Culture of Continual Education & Learning: Creating a culture that fosters two things: continual experimentation, taking risks and learning from failure; and understanding that repetition and practice is the prerequisite to mastery.
  18. 18. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change Magic Bullet DevOps is a cultural shift and collaboration between development, operations and testing. There is no single DevOps tool, rather a set or “DevOps toolchain” consisting of multiple tools.
  19. 19. What Is DevOps Benefits Measure Success Organizational Change Tool Chain • Code – Code development and review, continuous integration tools • Build – Version control tools, code merging, build status • Test – Test and results determine performance • Package – Artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging • Release – Change management, release approvals, release automation • Configure – Infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools • Monitor – Applications performance monitoring, end user experience
  20. 20. Going From Theory to Practice
  21. 21. The Business Problem Develop a solution that provides a service catalog approach for the rapid deployment of distinct web application platforms to support a multitude of vast and highly fluid digital advertising campaigns. Be able to leverage this same architecture for future business workloads.
  22. 22. The Solution Puppet Architectural Decisions
  23. 23. The Solution AWS Infrastructure and Services The usual suspects… As well as… And the “new hotness”…
  24. 24. High Level Diagram The Solution
  25. 25. The Solution IP Whitelist Process
  26. 26. Business Outcomes and Take-away  Cost savings examples  Increasing profits – learning, GTM timing, real-time information, business insights, etc.  Deploy, change and update days and weeks faster
  27. 27. Thank you!
  28. 28. Remember to complete your evaluations!