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AWS Webinar-Introducing Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

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Amazon ElastiCache makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache for web applications running in the AWS cloud. Customers can now take advantage of the managed caching service to operate Redis in the cloud where Amazon ElastiCache handles the complexity of creating, scaling and managing an in-memory store enabling developers to focus on differentiated workloads. This presentation will provide an overview of the new Amazon ElastiCache for Redis service, discuss popular use cases for Redis, and share best practices that will help you fully leverage ElastiCache for Redis in your high performance architecture.

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AWS Webinar-Introducing Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

  1. 1. Introduction to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Omer Zaki, Sr. Product Manager, AWS Pravin Muthukumar, Business Development Manager, AWS
  2. 2. Dimensions for categorizing data stores • Persistence – In Memory vs Strongly Durable • Data Model – Key Value vs Document Model vs Relational • Scalability – None vs Scale up vs Scale out
  3. 3. Redis is a popular key-value store • High speed, in-memory, key-value data store • Optional durability (persistence via snapshot or append only file) • Supports pub/sub functionality
  4. 4. Redis is a popular key-value store • Supports advanced data structures (in addition to strings) – Lists of strings – Sets of strings (collection of non-repeating unsorted elements) – Sorted Sets (collections of non-repeating elements ordered by a floating-point number called score) – Hashes where keys and values are strings
  5. 5. Elastic Load Balancing EC2 App Instances MySQL DB Instance ElastiCache for Redis Database Writes App Reads Clients Cache Updates Use Redis to accelerate your application Database Reads
  6. 6. Introducing ElastiCache for Redis • Managed Redis service • Use existing clients • Pay as you go • Available in all public AWS regions at launch
  7. 7. Benefits of a managed service Easy to Deploy Deploy master- slave(s) configuration with a few button clicks or API calls Easy to Migrate Compatible with Redis Existing code will work when you update node end points Easy to Administer ElastiCache automatically replaces failed nodes and patches software as needed CloudWatch enables you to monitor cache performance metrics Easy to Secure Supports VPC and Security Group configurations
  8. 8. Key features • All Redis commands supported except slave and backup commands • Redis version 2.6.13 • Ability to create Redis nodes inside VPC environment • Support for Lua scripting • Support for pub/sub e.g. Resque
  9. 9. Key features • Managed Redis experience – Console, API, and CLI options to create and manage Redis nodes – Monitoring and node replacement – CloudWatch metrics – Support several instance types at launch: t1.micro, m1.small, m1.medium, m1.large, m1.XL, m2.XL, m2.2XL, m2.4XL, C1.XL • Replication – Master-slave(s) configuration • High Availability – Multi-AZ support – Assisted failover: Console and API options to select best slave node for promotion to master during failover event • Backup and DR – Ability to connect external slave to master for backup and DR – Ability to seed an ElastiCache for Redis master node from external snapshot
  10. 10. Where is ElastiCache Redis used? • Gaming • Social • Media & Entertainment • Mobile • Ad Tech • Many more…
  11. 11. • Auto-scaling front end • Amazon ElastiCache • Amazon RDS • Amazon S3 • Amazon CloudFront Sample deployment: Gaming ZADD leaderboard 556 “Andy” ZADD leaderboard 819 “Barry” ZADD leaderboard 105 “Carl” ZADD leaderboard 1312 “Derek” ZREVRANGE leaderboard 0 -1 1) “Derek” 2) “Barry” 3) “Andy” 4) “Carl”
  12. 12. Design Patterns • Cache • Leaderboards • High Speed Sorting • Atomic Counters • Queuing Systems • Activity Streams
  13. 13. Some things to watch out for with Redis • Whole dataset must fit in memory • Soft Persistence • Single Threaded • Some datatypes cannot scale out • No Transactions
  14. 14. Setup Instructions: Master Node
  15. 15. Setup Instructions: Master Node
  16. 16. Setup Instructions: Master Node
  17. 17. Setup Instructions: Master Node
  18. 18. Setup Instructions: Replication Group
  19. 19. Setup Instructions: Replication Group
  20. 20. Setup instructions: Read Replica
  21. 21. Setup instructions: Read Replica
  22. 22. Promoting a Read Replica to Master Node
  23. 23. Promoting a Read Replica to Master Node
  24. 24. Free tier: 750 hours of Micro Cache Node per Month Pay as little as $0.022 per hour thereafter for a T1.micro node You can get started for free
  25. 25. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Quick Review: • Managed Redis service • Support for Replication • Easy migration • Rich Use Cases For More Information: • ElastiCache for Redis Detail Page and Docs: • Getting Started: serGuide/GettingStarted.html Any Questions?