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Build Secure Scalable Mobile Apps with AWS Mobile Hub

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AWS provides secure scalable services to build, test, and monitor mobile apps.

AWS Mobile Hub is an entry-level platform that lets you easily add and configure backend features for apps, including user authentication, storage, APIs, serverless logic, notifications, and analytics. It automatically provisions the AWS services that power these features, and generates working apps for iOS and Android that use your provisioned services.

You can then test on the same devices your customers use and run tests across a large selection of physical devices. Unlike emulators, physical devices provide a more accurate understanding of how users interact with your app by taking into account factors such as memory, CPU usage, location, and modifications done by manufactures and carriers to the firmware and software.

In this session, we will will walk you through feature selection, configuration, and provisioning the AWS services to demonstrate how to create and operate a mobile app that runs on AWS. We'll generate a working app for iOS and Android that uses AWS to provide a secure scalable serverless backend.

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Build Secure Scalable Mobile Apps with AWS Mobile Hub

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Rohan Deshpande Sr. Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services Building Secure and Scalable Mobile Apps on AWS
  2. 2. v State of Mobile v Identity and Engagement v Artificial Intelligence v Serverless backends v AWS Mobile Hub v Build and test your Mobile App on AWS Agenda
  3. 3. State of Mobile – there’s the good 51.3% Global share of Internet traffic from mobile devices 50% Percentage of time spent in mobile apps vs all other digital media
  4. 4. 65% of the population uses smartphones while standing in grocery shops or in the market BUSINESS-TO-CUSTOMER BUSINESS-TO-EMPLOYEE 60.9% of apps built by enterprises target employees State of Mobile – empower everyone
  5. 5. State of Mobile – but also challenges 4 MM + Apps Published to global app stores that you need to compete with mindshare 18 Weeks Average time to build a mobile app 25% Apps abandoned after first use
  6. 6. User and data security User engagement and analytics Engagement and quality are essential Intelligent multimodal user experiences Frictionless scaling
  7. 7. User and data security
  8. 8. Auth is mission critical to your app Building a custom identity solution is hard Duplicated development effort for enabling sign- in on each client Authentication and access control is hard
  9. 9. Federated identities Your users can sign in through third-party identity providers, such as Facebook, Google, and SAML providers, and you can control access to AWS resources from your app. Your user pools Easily and securely add sign-up and sign-in functionality to your mobile and web apps with a fully managed service that scales to support 100s of millions of users. Amazon Cognito – Fully managed auth & access control
  10. 10. Amazon Cognito – How it works
  11. 11. User engagement and analytics
  12. 12. Keeping users engaged is challenging Acquiring customers is expensive - ~$10 per customer Understanding user behavior is key to defining the right product experience and to improve monetization Why user engagement is important
  13. 13. Amazon Pinpoint – Drive user engagement • Collect usage data from your app • Target users by creating segments • Run A/B tests • Schedule one-time or recurring campaigns • Analyze results from your campaign • Create funnels • Easily integrate external data
  14. 14. AI and Bots Intelligent multimodal user experiences
  15. 15. Sources: The Economist, KPCB Internet Trends 2016, Accenture – Why AI is the future 33% of all customer support interactions still need human interaction 2.5 billion messaging app users Over a thousand Alexa skills developed The exploding market for voice and chat bots
  16. 16. Simplify complex UX flows Understand user intents better and personalize experiences Automate complex business processes How bots can make your apps more engaging
  17. 17. AWS Artificial Intelligence Services Amazon Lex Amazon Rekognition Amazon Polly Amazon Machine Learning Build conversational interfaces using voice and text, powered by the same deep learning technologies as Alexa A scalable machine learning service for developers Turn text into lifelike speech using deep learning Deep learning-based image recognition
  18. 18. Frictionless scaling
  19. 19. Save development time; Host logic shared across apps in the cloud Focus on building features; minimize operations efforts Deliver a reliable app experience with high availability and low latency Pay as you scale; Infrastructure costs proportional to your growth The benefits of a serverless approach
  20. 20. How serverless happened
  21. 21. Web/API Server
  22. 22. Cloud identity Cloud logic Cloud storage and messaging THE ANATOMY OF “SERVERLESS”The anatomy of serverless
  23. 23. Amazon Cognito AWS Device Farm AWS Lambda API Gateway Simple Email Service SNS Leading Apps Run on AWS
  24. 24. AWS for Mobile App Development User AuthN and AuthZ Analyze user behavior Store and share media Synchronize data Deliver media Amazon Cognito (Sync) Amazon Cognito Amazon IAM (access control) Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront Store data Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Track retention Amazon Pinpoint Send push notifications Amazon SNS Mobile Push Run server-side logic AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway Amazon Lex Accept conversational input Amazon Pinpoint AWS Mobile SDKs AWS Mobile Hub Your Mobile App
  25. 25. UnitySwift Xamarin React Native (preview) Objective-C Android Java AWS Mobile SDKs
  26. 26. “AWS has what we need, but…it’s complex” 1. Which services should I use? 2. How do I connect them? Identity provider SDKs + = Example: Login screen & integration code + SDK
  28. 28. Cloud Identity AWS Mobile Hub follows best practices
  29. 29. AWS Mobile Hub Demo
  30. 30. AWS Mobile Hub features
  31. 31. Working Mobile App project includes: ü Xcode or Android Studio Project ü Uses your AWS Resources ü Example Application Code ü Helper “Glue” Code ü Software Development Kits ü Developer Integration InstructionsSwift Obj-C Java AWS Mobile Hub Quickstart App
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. CC BY 2.0:
  34. 34. Remote access Gesture, swipe, and interact with devices in real time, directly from your web browser AWS Device Farm – test on real devices Automated testing Test your app in parallel against a large collection of physical devices in the AWS Cloud
  35. 35. Select a device View historical sessionsInteract with the device Remote Access
  36. 36. Instrumentation UI Automation UI Automator Your App Improve the quality of your apps by testing against real devices in the AWS Cloud Automated Testing (native, hybrid, web) XCTest XCTest UI
  37. 37. AWS Device Farm • Android and iOS (Native, hybrid, web) • Scale: Over 300 of unique devices, many instances • Pay for what you use • Integration: Jenkins, Android Studio, SDKs, CLI • Reports: Results, screenshots, logs, performance, video • Flexibility: Support for many popular frameworks • Security: Full HW and SW isolation
  38. 38. Private devices • Private, dedicated HW device instances (including dedicated data center infrastructure) • Support for specific devices not supported in our public fleet today • Device configuration customization including custom OS versions and mods (e.g. rooted devices)
  39. 39. AWS Device Farm Demo
  40. 40. The Mobile App virtuous cycle with AWS
  41. 41. Questions? Get started at